Berlin – not a full trend report

Berlin is an amazing city. I have been here plenty of times and reported over time. So this is not a full trend report of the city. No design weeks. Just a long weekend from one of the most creative hubs in Europe.

I am in the city to just hang out with one of my closest friends, Stephanie. Creativly we call ourselves Stefan He and Stefan She. So creative…

Dirty old Berlin. During a stay like this we of course take the opportunity to try some new restaurants. Two of them really, really impressed me. First we went to 893 Ryotei, an Asian themed restaurant. I loved how the whole entrance looks like an abandonded place in the suburbs. Once you get inside it is a futuristic restaurant with excellent service.

The other place was not as conceptual as the first – but still great food and service. On hyped and trendy street Potsdamer Strasse you will find Panama with great food and wine.

Despite all these new concept Berlin is still looks like it always does. Here are some coffeplaces, bars etc that wejust passed.

This restaurant/bar in new favourite district Rixdorf.

Every now and then you see a restaurant concept that looks different.

I must say – it seems like burritos are the new new thing i Berlin. All over the city you can find places serving the Mexican dish.

And of course roof top bars. There is at least a roof top place in Prenzlauer Berg and here Neuköln.

I an always very taken by the activism in Berlin. There are always protests going on.

I do sense a tendensy for shops to market inclusive values. I saw a lot of stores with signs like “we don’t sell to racists, homophobes etc”.

More like this inclusive communication.

Of course the city is now getting full of WeWork offices, but in general I did not see as many closed shops as in New York. Obviously there is a shift from shops to restaurants – but no closed facilities.

A favourite is always Baerck.

New place Wheadon.

Hackesche Höfe has been updated so if you haven’t been there in a while its is absolutely worth a stop.

Here you also find theses socially conscious stores.

Fashion made by homeless people.

Speaking of shopping. A classical concept store with fashion, design, books etc is Voo.

Don’t miss Berlin brand Hering. They just moved from Bikini to the new hip street Potsdamer Strasse.

But Berlin is more art than shopping. This time I went to newly opened street art gallery Urban Nation.

We tried to get to the new talk of town – Anomalie but they were closed.

I always love Hamburger Bahnhof.

Robert Indiana that passed away just a few weeks ago.

Anish Kapoor.

We also passed Prizessinengärten that is an urban gardening space. Beautifil.


Finally. I got a phone call from the Swedish embassy that knew I was in town. They gave me a guided tour of the joint Nordic embassy. If you ever get a chance to do that – go. Wonderful stories, architecture and design.


Berlin. Always a city I come back to. This weekend was full of food, social activism and beer. As it should be 2018.

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