No rules Christmas

One of Scandinavia’s largest flower chains contacted me and asked “could we do an unconventional Christmas tree?”. Since I love Christmas I jumped on the challange. And we made two trees – not one.

Plantagen had heard that I love Christmas, and I do. Really. Christmas has become a holiday of fun rather then a list of must-dos. At my country house I have three Christmas trees with different themes. With Plantagen we talked about what we could do that stood out. We wanted to do a tree that embraced tradition but had no rules.

We decided on one theme with flowers and one with friends, or as we also say “extended family”.

The photo session took place in my apartment in Stockholm. So this is how quirky I love. Yes, purple wallpaper and a yellow couch.

The first tree would become purple to match the interior. What we did was using a lot of real flowers and make a garland around the tree. Approximately twenty plants of orchids were used. We also added succulents and small plants with pots that we sprayed purple. Normal standard Christmas bulbs were of course added.

Decorationg Christmas lights by the couch.

Merry Christmas. My sweater with blinking lights is from Rusta. And two seconds after this picture the photographer said “not those socks”…

Photo shoot…

And my kitchen was a work zone – full of flowers and people making garlands.

And of course lots of fun.

For the second tree we got some of my pictures.Obviously a lot of pictures of Ellie, my beagle, but also of Lotta, Jonas, Fredrik, Fredrik and Jonathan, Peter and my baby brother. My extended family. I wanted this to be a tree that symbolise that everyone is welcome. And we shot it in our bedroom… Hmmm… I don’t necessarily want my extended family where I sleep…


And finally – here are the official pictures done by a professional photographer. Look below.

All photos here by Frida Ström Photographer AB



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