A retro and sparkling Christmas

This is the last trend report from Christmasworld. Soon time to look into other seasons. Here we start by looking at nostalgia and retro.

Nostalgia might be strongly associated with Christmas. It is a season we spend with our families and look at old traditions. This is true, but the nostalgia among the ornaments are much stronger than previous years. We do see a nostalgia in our overall interior design with 60s furniture etc and very evident among the ornaments.

60s furniture

Graphical design goes retro.

Who watches TV 2019? Evidentally Santa.

But everything has that 60s or early 70s look. I talked to several producers and many have a specific line or sub collection covering this.

Animals get that retro look.

We also see Santa as a space man. This is of course an era and aethetics we associate with the turn of that decade. Moonlanding etc… But I also think this represent a lost optimism… When man landed on the moon, we could do anything. The world was a optimistic and positive time – and we miss that. Perhaps we want that optimism back??


Last section of the look for Christmas 2019. If you want to use a new material – make it sequin. Remember those pillows and t-shirts we saw during summer. You could touch the sequin and change colour. Same thing but for Santa…

So if you want a sparkling Christmas – make it sequin.

Want to look at the report from last years Christmasworld? You can look at it here, here and here.


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