Installation at Nääs Fabriker

I was invited to the west coast of Sweden to talk about trends. In an old weaving factory, I got to visualise these trends in five installations. The exhibition is open to public until April 7th at Nääs Fabriker.

All photos by Emilia Dalen, except the first ones below.

So this year I talk about five trends – Resting Neutral, Evolving Elvis, Witchcraft, Africa Activism and Sustainable Sundays. For this exhibition I asked the organisers to paint woodboards and prepare a selection according to my instructions from shops like Brique, Sofa Company, Art & Flora and Bomullsfabriken.

Getting ready…

When I do my things I always want to make sure it is “instagramable”.

All the flowers were arranged by the florist connected to Brique.

So, the trends. Here is Sustainable Sundays. Sustainability is huge and an enormous driver of trends right now. In the installation I put a lot of “grow your own” but also sustainable materials and recycled objects.

Africa Activism is a vintage feel with dark wood. Still a lot of tropical leaves.

Evolving Elvis is a 60s retro thing where we play a lot with colours. There is no “right” colour combination. You need to find your own.

Witchcraft. Find the strong woman in you. And love purple, minty green and orange. And why not animal prints.

Resting neutrals, A setting for “offline”. Here is an environment with calming colours and soothing materials.

Trying to arrange things…

Pastry chef of the year 2018 Disa Molin is working at Nääs, and she made pastry intrepretations of my trends. Cute – and very tasty.






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