Milano 2019

Next week is the design week in Milan. Looking forward to it this year. Here is my list of things I will do, and also some favourites.

The design week in Milan is obviously the most important design week of the year. Here you can look at shallow things as how furniture will look, but also take part of larger discussions. According to the invitations I have received 2019 seems to be a year with larger topics and broader scope. I like that.

Last year I complained a bit about how shallow this industry had gotten. In Swedish but use Google Translate. The report is here.

One of the activities I really look forward to is the new concept by Rossana Orlandi. She has introduced a new competition so that we can use the floating plastics of the oceans. Above picture is Studio Job participating in this – but you can read more here. Topics like this and how Google wants to talk about how design can affect us – I like it. And how Autodesk is talking about algorithms in design. Do we need designers in the future??

Challenging and provocative.

Last year’s most talked about event was the secret exhibition by Studio Pepe. This year look’s equally promissing.

But the design week is also about falling in love with new talents. I really think that the Mediterranean designers are innovative and fun. 28 year old Sara Ricciardi looks like a new find for this year.

But of course I will keep an extra eye on my fellow Scandinavians. The Danes tend to be good, as the Norwegians have for the last few years. Last year my Swedes did well with Hemma. And the Finns are working more individually. Look forward to see how Made by Choice have grown. Above picture comes from the most important design dinner during the week. Norwegians Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken invite a handful of people from the industry for pizza – and ask an established designer to make the invitation. This year made by Leon Ransmeier.


I hope it will be a good year. The events I will try to attend are found below…



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