New York – the design week 2019

As stated yesterday, the design week in New York felt a bit tired, so I focused more on retail – which in turn fel very experimental and lively. But, I will report about some of the design finds I did. Here you go.

With players like Sight Unseen taking a year off, and other galleries pausing their activities, the design week of 2019 was a bit quiet. Here are some of the interesting things I saw.

Climate and sustainability is on everyone’s mind, but not necessarily in the design industry. Design museum Cooper Hewitt opened a new exhibition called Nature, and it was really correct and a bit boring. I give it five out of ten stars. Points for correctness and reduction of points for lack of engagement.

Above project by Dutch designers Atelier NL. Dutch design week was sponsor of the exhibition so plenty of Dutch examples.

I did like this project. Designer Sam van Aken has made a tree by (in Swedish “ympning”) grafting. One tree can now carry 40 kinds of fruit.

Erez Nevi Pana made a table of loofa and trew it in to the Dead Sea and let crystals build on it.

Charlotte MacCurdy made a raincoat out of seaweed.

Outside of the Cooper Hewitt museum, there weren’t that many examples of interesting sustainable design. Here a favourite from previously – Polish studio UAU. The 3D print with sustainable materials. And you can of course print your own and not use any shipping.

Piet Hein Eek launched a new easy chair made of recycled materials from the US Army. At Future Perfect.

Pratt University showed some interesting sustainable projects. For instans tiles that light up when you have used water in the shower.

Speaking of tiles, these tiles made of cork were really cool. By Muratto.

Speaking of trends… Saw a lot of easy chairs with fluffy surfaces. Sort of beyond “tactile”. Here at ICFF. By Eny Lee Parker.

Fluffy at Minotti

Fluffy at Moroso

A colour that was really present was green.

Ok. Trend three… Round sofa tables. Did you like the one by Swedish furniture producer Asplund? Expect a lot of versions of the same idea. Round, round, round. Here at Wanted Design.

Here at Bernhardt Design at ICFF.

At Next Level.

More of a stool than a table… But still nice. Mabeo Furniture.

Katy Skelton at ICFF.

A forth thing that occured everywhere – small lamps. Preferably wall-lamps. Here Dror Caspi at ICFF.

Sklo at ICFF

Silvio Mondino at ICFF.

CVL Luminaires at ICFF.

Sklo igen.

In Common With from Brooklyn at ICFF.

Eny Lee Parker again.

The last major trend I want to mention is wood. I know, it’s like we’ve been talking about wood for the last ten, fifteen years but there were some interesting wood carpeting in New York. A lot of designers were refering to Amish culture. Perhaps you can see in a larger context. These chairs are almost more sculptural than just plain chairs, and that word is huge in interior world right now. Sculptural. It’s like you just need one or two chairs in your home. One to sit on, and one to look at.

Here Canadian Manner Studio.

Souda from Brooklyn

British brand Very Good & Proper.

9&19 at ICFF.

From the bay at ICFF.

Wood sculptures or bookshelves at Next Level.

So, to sum it up. New York Design Week was more about retail than the actual design. When it comes to aesthetic trends I noticed green, small wall lamps, round tables and wooden chairs with Amish aesthetics.


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