Design Drop 2019

This week was the start of the design season in Sweden. I participated by doing an event on my own. I asked about 50 design companies to hear about their launches for the season. I selected my favourites and made an exhibition on new stuff not seen in stores in Sweden yet. Simply – the best of the season. All under the name of Design Drop.

Free of charge for participating companies and visitores (how do I make money…?), I had a two day event at Clarion Sign Stockholm.

Lots of people came to see my selection. I had two events. One day was smaller and intimate with about 80 people, and the other one was bigger with 300 visitors. And of course it was open during daytime to approximately 1000 people saw this thing. Everyone got invited – press, shop owners, designer etc.

I had a trend talk per day.

Lots of people taking pictures.

So, I think we should talk about the selections. Three themes. I wanted one to be colourful. Internationally I see a lot of colours and next year will be all about pastells. Perhaps a bit too soon at a design start here in Sweden. I did try to find my pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel yellow, but I had to add a bit of more of a vintage cocktail feeling. So this is my aim for a 70s cocktail glamour.

Lower pillows by Afro Art, snake pillow by Jakobsdal and pillow covers by Alva Linen.

Salt & Pepper shakers by Pluto Produkter. Velvet candle holder by Verti Copenhagen.

Maybe not so pastel but a bit fun – babushaskas by Spring Copenhagen.

Proper 70s vintage vase by Rice. Blue vase by ByOn. Colourful lamp by ByRydéns,

I just love these 70s kitsch items. Sea shells on the wall by ByOn.

Cocktails. Tray and yellow jug by Stelton, glasses by Leonardo and yellow lamp by Superliving.

More of the pillows and a candleholder by Superfolk.

Lips plate by Jonathan Adler, art deco plate and coffee set by Villeroy & Boch, cutlery by Fyrklövern, candle holder by Pluto,

Print on the wall by Rotor and scented candle in dotted glass by Baobab.


Striped tray by Rotor, pink fluff from Ceannis, diamond shakers by Fyrklövern.


Moving on to the rustic, terracotta and beige coloured trend I call Resting Neutrals. It would be easy to say that this trend occur because we go through difficult and scary times, but I think this might be an answere that is toooooooo easy to drop. I think it might be a tactile trend where we just look for things that are handmade or look handmade.

Handing tea towel by Pluto, stool by Muji, pillow in the back by Kasthall. Front enamel by Bag in Box and tea cups by Denby.

Throw or table cloth by ByWille, dark glass by Holmegaard, lamp by ByRydéns, terracotta vase by ByOn, amber glass by Ro Collection, beige bowl by Low Key for Paradisverkstaden, two white coffee sets by Afro Art and umbrella stand by Korbo.

Reindeer by yours truly (yes, me…) for Cult Design and jug and bowl by Denby.

Wood cup by Serax and bird by Wildlife Garden. Egg white tablewear by Design House Stockholm for nationalmuseum.

Black linnen towel by Lovely Linnen, ceramic set by Low Key for Paradisverkstaden. Creme coloured set by Rosendahl.

Dark glass buy Ro Collection, blue oil flask by Serax, dark hurricane light by Stelton.

Trivet by Superfolk, glass again by Ro Collection.


Small table by Maze, bag by PAP, ceramics by Low Key for Paradisverkstaden, Lindform and Serax.


The third installation and trend I did was all about sustainability. As a super, mega trend, this is a topic and subject that engages a lot of people. And there are some pretty interesting stuff happening. One of the things I really wanted to include in this project was reading. There are plenty of books coming out this season with good and interesting solutions for a sustainable lifestyle. Like the books by Monica Karlstein, Maria Soxbo and Brita Hahne.

In this picture you see from the front – KeepCup, enamel bowl by Kockums and glass straws by Villeroy & Boch, napkins by ByWille, the mentioned books, a basked by Dixie and pillows by Alva Linen. Underneath, as a table cloth are doormats by Heymat.

Sustainable scented candles by Klinta, bird feeders by Carmela Bogman.

On the wall sustainable shelves by Verti Copenhagen, candle holder/sculpture by Ylva Skarp and white metal candle holders by Vallonmässing.

Brown paper candle holder and white vases by Lubech Living. Love this brand.

Hanging lamp by Sloydlab.

White pillows by Read the Label and recycled glass by Iittala – and on the right hand side, a new brand – Torplyktan

In the forefront you see glass vases produced in Sweden by Myya, also white pillow made of a men’s shirt by Robert & Blad.

I love the tiles by Mosaico Tiles made of recycled TV screens. Also you see the wheatwarmers by Terrible Twins.

Candle holders and vases by Lubech Living except for the birch wood box made by Moya Birchbark.

Candle holder and crocodile made of recycled aluminium.

And as I said on my presentation – my piece de resistence – the chair that is 3D printed in sustainable materials by Studio Skandal

And of course everyone got some water by Goodwill Water

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