Maison & Objet 2019 – patterns and a bit rough

We continue to look at some trends from Maison & Objet. Here I focus on two things – patterns and an industrial, raw look.

So, lets start to talk about patterns. They are slowly but surely getting back. For a while everything has been coloured in one piece. Perhaps a strip och block in a different colour but really no patterns, except for monstera leaves.

As you will notice on these pictures, the majority of these patterns are towards an orange hue. And so be it, but I do see a new kind of pattern portfolio and that is refreshing. I think we will see a 70s paisley pattern… Here a pillow by Jakobsdal.

Here a one-coloured easy chair but the wallpaper is all full of patterns, and paisley.

One example of how we see more pattern, but rather slowly, is how we see parts of furniture get textiles with print. Here one example of an easy chair.

Here a part of a sofa.

Here a sofa where the back has a different pattern than the actual seating.

Another way to work with pattern is to have a set of the same piece, but where one has patterns.


Textiles as pattern.

Patterns at AD Interieur.


I end this patterrn part with some tableware. We might actually see an end of this clay, grey plates we have seen for quite a while. Above we see the new tableware by Ann Demeulemeester for Serax.

And Italian Bitossi. Not paisley but at least something different.

In this next section I want to point out this raw, industrial feeling. Its rough, raw, industrial. Uneven surfaces. Black, grey and white metal. Not as cosy at is has been before. Here square concrete lamps by Serax.

Concrete and is it handmade or machinemade? It is absolutely more aesthetic than functional.

Raw and dark – tableware as we have seen for a while, but even a bit darker.

Dark, dark. Tableware by Valerie Objects.

Black trays and bowls.

The collection from Ann Demeulemeester again. Metall and straight lines. The hanging things are china and you are suppose to break it to get your personal style. By Serax.

Black metal, and again a industrial, quite hard feeling. By Frederick Roije.


A large cooking pot, all in glass.

Glass again – is it man made or by a machine?

A lot of smaller furniture pieces with extreme straight lines. Is it shaker or contemporary?  By Ferm Living.

A similar idea and aesthetics by Kristina Dam.

Small furniture pieces by Frama.

And a lot of aluminum and white metal. Here sofa table by Alex Brokamp.


Industrial by Transparent Speaker.

Look at the cast iron table leg.

Or the uneven edges of this table. Man made or machine?

But there is also a dark nature. Untamed. Evil? Like from the tv show Stranger Things.


The lamp base also. Obviously a bit more tamed than above table, but still a “blob”, organic. By Ferm Living.




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