Kiev – again in 2019

For the second time this year, I got to visit lovely and wonderful Kiev. I really enjoy this place. This time was not as hectic as in May but still meetings, interviews and talks. My last trip can be found here.

Walking around in Kiev for a second time, gave me an opportunity to see new and different places from last time. Like the park around the statue of Motherland Ukraine.

This is an interesting place for those interested in socialistic architecture and design.

Here an installation for “the eternal flame”.

Walkways and concrete walls.

I wouldn’t say there is an abundance of socialist architecture, but some.

But Kiev is foremost these beautiful and amazing churches. Everywhere. You have world heritage places like Lavra, but also just wonderful and beautiful.

Getting the look from a monk…

But walking around the city is amazing. More please…

I took some snapshots of house details…


During a trip like this I get to meet and talk to a lot of interesting people. This time I met with the largest and most important florist company in Ukraine. They produce art pieces with green plants.

Some kind of “mermaids”.

Cute dino pots by the same company.

I also got to eat Chicken Kiev in Kiev. Here at a fancy restaurant called Sho.

Amazing interiors.

Dinner party with these. Two of my hosts and French trendhunter Cecile Poignant.

I managed to make a Design & Dessert with Cecile. Check out here.

I also met Faina, a super interesting Ukrainan brand. See here.

Design by Faina.

The actual reason for me to be here? Of course a seminar. This time about travel and trends…

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