Hamburg. I really love this city. I was in Hamburg for 24 hours on Monday and Tuesday, and I just adore this city.

Hamburg is extremely diverse with all its neighbourhoods. You have the posh areas around the lakes of Alster, the bohemian neighbourhood around Schanzenviertel, the “dirty area” of Reeperbahn and St Pauli, the gay area, the harbour area and of course there is a whole neighbourhood just on sustainability. And they are so diverse. Its like the people in St Pauli never would go to the posh area, or even Schanzenviertel (well that is really close geographically so I sure they do).

And I love the art scene in Hamburg. One of my favourite museums in Europe is Kunsthalle. Love how they work with curation – and colours on the walls.

This time I was mainly in the harbour area and had meetings with Holly and a publishing house. Yes, Hamburg is media hub. Hamburg and Munich is where it all happens media wise. In Hamburg you find design magazines like Schöner Wohnen and Living at Home. And of course Living at Home + Holly. The last magazine is an interesting hybrid with an established magazine brand and one of Europes most influential interior people on social media – Holly Becker at Decor8.

And yes, the main reason for my trip to Hamburg was to hang out with Holly.

I was a guest of Holly’s new podcast called Hello Holly. We talked about trends, interior stuff and the time of our lives. I talked about how you approach a fair to find out your own trends (and not only go for the ones assigned by a fair organisation).

She has full schedule of people she will interview. Everyone from designers like Sebastian Herkner, to Lotta Agaton and other people in the industry. And me…

And of course we goofed around a lot during the day.

Holly is an interesting person in this industry. I will try to get her to sit down for an interview for Design & Dessert. I wanna know where she is going after all this. After having her own collection, after her own magazine, after talks, presentations and collaborations. Where is a person like Holly focusing for 2020?

But Hamburg… Heart emoji… All these canals and brick buildings. Lovely.


And a mandatory selfie by concert hall in harbour area. Elbphilharmonie. .

Shopping district.

This time I didnt go to Kunthalle but tried a new art venue called Deichtorhallen. They had a nice exhibition on the German artists Gerhard Richter, Kiefer Anselm, Sigmar Polke and Georg Baselitz.


Shopping? Well, who is shopping 2019?? But still. Pretty nice to look at different retail. This time I found a fantastic new place. Hanseatische Materialverwaltung. Located among the “unspoilt” dock, brick buildings there is a hidden gem. It is a store that sells props from tv- and movie productions.

Ever wanted a fake safe to impress your friends? This is where you find it.

Need a cake to jump out of? This is where you find it.

Fake vintage suitcases

A baby stroller for adults…

Fake menues from fake restaurants…

A whole section on just fake fish…

And of course a dinosaur bone. Much needed.

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Erika Mierow
4 years ago

Well done, dear Stefan, your Description of my hometown. Yes, this City is divers, open and welcomes everybody, So from my side a late, nur warm welcome to you from Sverige and to Holly from US (Hannover). Hummel Hummel and best regards, Erika