Moodboard for Domotex

I have been invited by international floor fair Domotex to share some of my thoughts for 2020, and specifically on acoustic flooring.

More and more people work outside of an office.Co-working and sitting at public spaces like hotels or cafés has become a regular thing. We have for a long time been looking for environments that are inspirational and attracts the “right crowd”, but it is time to game it up. How do get an environment where you can actually work? Morgan Stanley suggest that over 50 % of the workforce will be freelancers in a few years so all public space will basically have to handle people working everywhere.

For a while now we have been looking at furniture that gives us privacy. In all open spaces we need places where we can concentrate.

We are now looking for more to help us work better and efficient. Acoustics are important. If it is loud as a subway stop or quiet as a church – regardless – it affects you. The need of today is not necessarily about taking away all sound but control it.

When it comes to flooring you can look at acoustics too. Having tiles laid in a certain way makes soundwaves move different and “breaking” the sound. You can of course look at the material of the floor where you have cork or other softer materials.

I am personally quite sure we will have much more textiles in our offices and public spaces. Drapery, curtains, etc. Event carpets on the wall as art pieces. We see this in the residential areas already. I am sure we will see more of that.

When it comes to my moodboard below, I have concentrated on a colour combination I think will boom next year. Orange, brown, corall and some blue.

Nice colours.

Dark and solemn.

I love the colour combination with the corall and beige.

Curtains in the background, rounder shapes that make soundwaves bounce off and be quiet. And undyed leather.

Carpet with colour combinations from Ogeborg. Could fit on the floor or on a wall.

Me with all these colours I like for 2020.

I will be at Domotex in January to trend scout and hold a seminar together with some of the people in the background (picture from January this year). Come see Holly from Decor8, Agata from PassionShake, Mette from MonstersCircus, Michael from The Ruggist and Desiree from Vosges Paris.

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