Christmas 2020

Christmas has basically just happend, but I am already preparing for Christmas this year. Here is my report from Christmasworld in Frankfurt. I would say that the Christmas ornament of the year is – leopard (or animal prints). But mainly we go bananas with happy and inclusive ornaments. My report below.

How to summarize the coming Christmas? Well it is an industry with fairly good selfesteem. A fair like Christmasworld is extremly busy and well-attended. As with impressions I saw some things we already saw previosly like retro. Plenty of retro still.

Absolutely some “fun” ornaments.

Some extremely crafted but in general fewer “handicraft” ornaments.

Some experiments with lights, especially in pillows. Kind of fun.

And some brands tried to experiment with yellow that seem to be a sort of “colour of the year”. But doesn’t he look too much like an easter Santa?

It’s interesting to see how our lifestyle moves into the Christmas tree. Of course everyone needs to exercise  – and so does Santa.

But in general I think Santa got “rounder” than previously. Perhaps a sign of the times where we talk about obesity.

Some snakes. I would think this is mainly inspirered from the fashion industry.


And monkeys. But this leads us to the first trend topic.

Trend: leopard prints.

Animal prints in the fast fashion industry is exploading (again), and it is apparently something we want for Christmas too. I would say that this will be the Christmas ornament of 2020.


Trend: colour splash.

Some produers are starting to add a level of artsy to the ornaments. Unique and crafted – even if they are mass produced.

Trend: gold.

Gold is back. After years with copper and white metals, gold is back with a bang. A lot.

Your Christmas flowers will all be in all gold.

Trend: the colour blue.

Colour of the year 2020 is blue so expect a lot of blue ornaments. I saw a lot of blue a few years ago so I am not super excited myself, but yes – there will be blue ornaments this Christmas.


Trend: happy!

Happy is the overall theme for 2020 – and of course we see this in the Christmas tree. Gone are the “serious” and “trendy” ornaments. Previous years we have seen minimalistic designs and even black ornaments. 2020 is a reaction to all that. 2020 is about including everyone and skip all the “must-haves”. Just fill your tree with tons of colours and shiny ornaments.

If there is one things you should look for – look for “extra shiny”. Matte bulbs are out as they indicate a serious mood. No, Christmas this year is not about trendy – it’s about adding fun.

Expect ornamtents with much colour and that extra sparkle.

I mean – of course there is a hint of a “peacock trend”. The purple and green kind of indicates a peacock reference but I would say it is about colour and fun.

Gold, sparkle, purple and emerald green. But it’s not necessarily about the peacock. Focus on bright and fun.

Colours, brightness. Don’t over-match your tree. Make it fun.

You can even see it in the flower arrangements. Mix and match. Make sure to include shiny, gold, purple and emerald green – and then go bananas.



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