Formland 2020

Formland, the Scandinavian design fair in Denmark, is one of the friendliest and most casual fairs in the whole industry. I went there as usual to meet and greet, and just chill with lovely people. Here is my report.

Formland is almost the same size as other Northern European fairs like Formex, Oslo Design Fair and Nordstil. The fairs are almost the same sizes but what Formland has is an ambience. It is a really nice looking fair and very nice to hang out and meet new people here.

There are always a handful of nice trend installations. Here for instance by Studie Fly Helsted that make amazing installations. And here we can see a strong and coming trend – stronger colours. Yes, keep your beige or sandy hues but at a bright colour like red.

Or electric blue.

In this trend installation we could see a new huge trend. Fewer objects. It’s like we are all done with still life and arranging things.

Another trendhunter was Danish Mads Arlien Söborg who also made an installation about abscence of stuff.


A small trend I want to bring up early is the 70s nudity. It’s like visiting a nude beach in Germany or somewhere. Everyone is unperfectly perfect. Proud of their aging bodies and just enjoying being without clothes. We’ll see how this moves forward this year. Hera by Studio Aarhus.

But as mentioned – Formland is all about meetings. I got to hang out and hold seminars with Niki from MyScandinavianHome and Holly from Decor8.

But let’s start with the trends at Formland.

I will start with flowers. Perhaps two years (maybe even three) ago the Danes started working with dried flowers in their installation. And that became a huge floral trend. Every stand all over the world had dried flower installations. Everywhere.

And that is so 2017… Instead we will move forward for new stuff. And that is… hold your hats… fake or plastic flowers. Yes, this might sound impossible but they are everywhere. Brands even produce their own to keep it in their style. So dried flowers are out – and plastic is in.


Fake flowers

You can even mix real flowers with fake flowers.

Scary? Well, you better get used to it. The Danes are amazing with finding new aesthetics.

The next topic is yellow. Or this kind of colder and whiter yellow. Here at Hubsch.

A painted wall at Eden Outcast.

But it is yellow in general. Suits spring 2020 pretty well.


Third and last topic will be patterns. Patterns and patterns. Patterns on patterns.


There were even at least two brands at Formland that had more African inspirered patterns. Exotic and interesting.

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