Christmas trends 2021

Four months until Christmas. As a trendhunter and Christmas lover, I was invited to give some insights for the season launch by retail chain Rusta. Expect a calm sharing trend and a party oriented holiday.

From my trend perspective I see that this season will be all about meeting our next of kins. Family and friends. But we will do it from two perspectives. I call one trend “sharing” and one “festive”.

The sharing trend is about rituals. This could be a thing like a seasonal Christmas bath. We look for minimalism and natural materials. Things like empty frames or a pure tree branch. We will see berries and lots of white and snow. Colours will be three kinds of green, navy, a deep red (like terracotta or copper), eggshell and white. This trend is all about warm, fuzzy and meetings.

Second trend is much more energetic. Here we will have large dinner parties and party. Expect things like neon lights in the Christmas tree. Also humour and retro. 50s and 60s are represented. Mix of shiny and matte. Lots of dried flowers. And names of guests on everything. It makes us feel connected so everything from place cards to things in the tree will have names of the guests. Colours are minty green with coca-cola red, salmon, dark mustard, blue-purple and light mustard.

Over a lunch I talked about my Christmas trends. Rusta showed their things and they actually have four trends. I focus on two.


As we have seen over the last years we see that our lifestyle is more and more represented in the Christmas ornaments. New for this year at Rusta is a Santa doing yoga.

Yoga santa in front

It’s a bit dark here but in this tree by Rusta you can see take-away coffee and video game devices.

Walking around the Christmas collection at Rusta. It is interesting how they manage to find so many new things after almost two years of pandemic. I think they said that 30% of the collection was all new. Here a windom star with the mix of shiny and matte, that I mentioned above.

Neon colour in the Christmas trees.

Here a calmer Christmas spirit. More to the “sharing” I mentioned. Softer palette and further down you can see even cleaner lines in everything from candle holders to lamps. And of course pure white trees with snow.

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