Christmas trends 2021

Christmas is around the corner and these are the holiday trends for 2021. Expect a calm and kind Christmas with focus on colours.

For the last few years I have been visualising Christmas for Plantagen. I always find a theme and try to make it relevant. We usually take the pictures at my place. Last year we were in the city but 2019 we were at the country house and did this picture above. That year it was all about sustainability and I wanted to make a tree that you could almost throw on a compost afterwards. There were apples, berries and flowers in the tree.

For 2021 we decided to go back to the country house but had to find a new spot and a new story.

Christmas 2021 is all about being with your loved ones. After two Christmases with distance and corona, we want to meet with respect, warmth and kindness. That means that all these funny ornaments will have to pass and we look at a colourscheme that is muted, calmer and perhaps more “premium”. Burgundy red, dark green, petrol blue and orange. Craft, straw and locally produced things. Its more “mmmmm…” than “ha ha”, if you see what I mean.

We did all the photos in our green house. It was a bit tricky to get it in a winter spirit, but I think we managed.

Stageing. Always when we do these pictures there is a whole group of people helping out.

The days before I had collected a bit of reed grown by the water here. And then I simply spraypainted it.

It was important to find a colourscheme that worked. Red, muted green and blue. Copper absolutely work as well. I worked a lot on the colours this year. These from Julkulan.

I say that straw feels important for this trend. Stylist Petra Östh helped me find these rural looking stacks. In the picture you find vintage green glass, a throw from India and a cookie jar I designed for Cult Design a few years ago.

Here a different setting with napkins and glögg glasses from Rusta. Spraypainted pine cones in the colours I like for 2021.

Mixed ornaments from Rusta and Plantagen. Home made ornaments are important this year.

And to amp it up a bit – add orange. It works for this colourscheme. Match box from Hay and orange box from Bookbinders Design.

And of course my German garden gnomes had to be included.

As a detail, we had to wait until it was dark enough so we could get the right mood in the pictures. And also get beagle Ellie in the right spirit.

Photographer Frida Ström took these out. Apparently we didn’t behave…

But these are the official pictures for Christmas 2021. I hope you get the feeling. Muted and darker colours. Friendlier, warmer and kinder. Nothing over the top but more focus on meeting loved ones.

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