Maison & Objet 2022 – the colours and patterns

We continue our report from Maison & Objet, and now lets look at colours and patterns.

On my way to Paris, I flicked through all interior design magazines and everyone says the same thing: colours and patterns are back. This is logical and true. After years of Scandi beige and Scandi white, we long for something different. It is also a strong signal that there is something new in the air. Corona restrictions are gone and we long for a new positivity.

But what do they mean by “colours are back”? Is Yves Klein Blue in or “so last season”? And which patterns are in? Are we talking flowers or symmetrical patterns? There is no easy answer to all this. I would agree that colours in general are coming back. The pink we have seen previously is not here, and I would have expected to see a bit more orange. Honestly, the trend colours at Maison & Objet do not correlate at all to the colours I have seen and analysed together with NCS. But that’s ok. I love all kinds of colours.

I would conclude that we will see more emerald green and a musturdy yellow. It all feels a bit retro and we will talk more about that tomorrow. And as for patterns, there is a black-and-white element. Artsy.


As you see below there isn’t really ONE yellow hue that is trending. It is more kind of yellow-ish. But it is dominant and there. Not curry. Not lemon. Perhaps a bit like “corn” in the picture above?

Yellow easy chair by French brand Honoré.

Yellow textiles with a hint of green and orange in the textile showroom at St Germain.

Wallpaper at one of the stands at the fair.

You can absolutley mix and match this yellow. Here as a napkin at Merci Shop.

Yellow tableware at Conran Shop.

Maison Dada

Yellow easy chair at Pierre Frey.

Almost the same colour combinations but in a wallpaper at the fair.

At the fair.

Wallpaper at the fair.

Bed linnen in St Germain.

Table cloth at Bertozzi.

A bit greener yellow. Also from Honoré. And I love this Mediterranean, vintage, 70s look. Look at the corduroy… Yum.

Dutch brand Household Hardware. These coffee tabels are nice.

Speaking of yellow… This year we also celebrate a yellow friend. The smiley turns 50 years old. Perhaps not the same kind of yellow as above but regardless, this is also fun.

Emerald green

It is almost ten years since emerald was named “colour of the year” by Pantone. Is it already a come back?

I was surprised. Almost as with the yellow above. I have not really seen emerald green in the colour reports previously. It is a green that does not get inspiration from nature but from something else. Almost a plastic green. I don’t hate it. I am just a bit surprised.

Above from the new collection launched by Christian Lacroix.

Emeralds at Dedar.

Lamps at the fair. And yes, this green works well with blue.

Beige, blue and this emerald green. Here at Belgian brand Fabric Fabrik that makes carpets as art (even framed).

Pillows at the fair.

Candles. We can see that it also works with terracotta and darker wood.

Fabric on a chair at Pierre Frey.

Together with pink at Dedar.

There is a nostalgia and vintage feel all over the design week in Paris. Here emerald green and blue on plates at Gien.

Here at Serax.


As I said above, everybody is talking about patterns being back. And if you look at the pictures above, there are some patterns. A lot of symmetrical patterns. Vintage. But I could also see that black-and-white is slowly getting back. And as strokes of colour. Splashes. Of course also symmetrical, but the more interesting patterns would be these splashes. Above from Serax.

Porcelaine vase at Kinta.

Textiles at St. Germain.

At the fair.

More at Serax.

And it gets dotted. Here Portuguese brand Duro.

More Duro.

From the fair.

It can be on furniture too.

At Dedar.

More at Dedar

When I first saw this pillow with print, I thought this would be part of the same trend, but this is much more leopard than artistic brush strokes. And I did not see a lot of animal prints in general. So I have this as an exampel of what is NOT happening.

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