3 Days of Design 2022 – the colours

June was busy with lots of design related activities. It is now time to look at what happened in Scandinavia and specifically in Copenhagen during 3 Days of Design. We start to investigate colours.

Colours, colours, colours. I have said it before. Very few innovative things happened during the pandemic. There are lots of reason for that; fear, uncertainty, lack of resources, lack of meeting of minds, lack of inspiration, etc. That is why we constantly see relaunches of old classics rather than new things. The important question “do we need a new chair?” is today answered with “no, not a NEW chair, but an OLD chair”.

Besides relaunches we see an enormous interest in colours. All kinds of colours. In Milan we saw bright, strong colours in burned yellow, orange and Kelly green. See more here.

Copenhagen is much more softer. Still very close to natural materials and surfaces.

A classical wood company like Brdr Kruger launch this beautiful easy chair. It is all very toned down. You can compare this to the colour spectra wood company Thonet used in Milan.

Also looking at Norr 11. The colours are extremely beige.

The new colour scheme for Soerensen Leather done together with colour lovers Note Design Studio.

And I would say that the majority of the pieces launched during 3 Days of Design was in this beige colourscheme. Very subtle and toned down.

But of course – there are those playing with colours so here we go.

Pastels in minty green and purple

In the Scandinavian region we have colour lovers like Note Design Studio in Sweden but also Danish brand File under Pop. They are absolutely one of the most dominant colour experts in Scandinavia. Already in Milan we could see how they slowly aim for a softer scheme. Grey, beige and a minty green.

At design showroom at Fredriksgade 1 you could see installations like this. A soft grey, green colour.

Magnus Olsen with the 8000 series.

Stronger colours with a bit of more energy. Here at Helle Mardahl.

And of course a bit of purple. Kind of a contrast to the natural hues. At Fredriksgade 1

At Muuto

At Montana

At Verpan.

A new bed at Hay.

Burgundy and grey

When I was talking to my trend colleague Elisabetta at Italianbark she said she saw a lot of burgundy red in Milan. I did not see that so much in Italy, but can absolutely understand that burgundy is a nice colour. Perhaps even with baby blue (which I saw a lot of in Milan).

In Copenhagen I saw more of burgundy and perhaps with grey.

Here File under Pop again.

At Getama

At Raawii


I think everyone is in love with olive green, and I did see some olive in Copenhagen. But not a lot.

Olive at Muuto

Same colour combination with olive, some kind of tomato red and yellow.

Olive in the stair case of Frederiksgade 1

At Hem and Åben.

A bit of blue

I am not sure I really like this blue. It is not so “hot” as baby blue and basically a kind of plastic-y smurf blue. But I saw it a lot.

Here smurf blue at Raawii

Hangers by Nathalie du Pasquier at Raawii.

At Helle Mardahl

At Verpan

Mixed with lots of other colours at Hay.

At Helle Mardahl

On the plates by Leila Gahar for Hay.

Here a bit darker, almost like Klein blue. At Tableau.

A bit of yellow

And yes, of course a bit of yellow.

At Hay

At Kvadrat

And finally – white metal

I guess we end this colour report by stating the obvious. Yes, white metal is everywhere. Both polished and raw.

Nendo for Georg Jensen

Sculpture and lamp by Kristina Dam


Lamp at Louis Poulsen

At Hay

Speaker at Fredriksgade 1

Lamp at Lyfa


Niels Jörgen Haugesen for Magnus Olesen

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