Maison & Objet – Spring 2023

Maison & Objet – the report. Too many pictures and impressions so we will have to do this in two segments. In this first report we will focus on colours.

Officially the trade fair had over 2 300 brands and 67 000 visitors. It is interesting with a huge fair like this. You can find anything. When I talk to my Italian counterpart Elisabetta at Italianbark, she sees a lot of ethnical trends. Also, by accident I bumped into one of the largest buyers in Sweden the week after and she said that Maison & Objet was all about kitsch.

Is it an ethnical fair? Or only carrying kitsch? Personally I saw a lot of colour and humour. Of course this could be interpreted as something “kitsch” but I had a real good time at Maison & Objet.

Mentioned buyer from Sweden said that some of her previous favourite brands were missing (meaning that the fair is then less relevant). I absolutley don’t think there were any important brands missing. Maybe they went irrelevant during the pandemic?

The fair was almost back to full size and the halls were busy. It was more trade than I expected.

So good. I absolutley give this fair a ten out of ten. It is absolutely competing with Ambiente that I will report on later. For instance there are almost no tabletop brands in Paris. Yes, some. But the majority of them went to Frankfurt.

Instead Paris is focusing on interior design and the indoors in general.

Did I miss any big brands? Of course, but maybe it is time to find new favourites??

I will not bombard you with too many pictures so I will start with the colour trends I saw – apricot, red, purple and green.

Colour trend 1 – apricot

Fashion site WGSN has already announced colour of 2024 to be “apricot crush” and we are abolutely seeing more and more of that. It is kind of a powdery terracotta. Not as red as terracotta and a little more colour than beige.

Many stands had this as a colour for their walls.

But you can also see it in products like this. Here an easy chait by Ames.

Works pretty nice with green.

Here at Giobagnara

You can see it in details as with the painting here.

Or as a textile in the showroom of Laura Gonzales.

Here as in the installation by Farrow & Ball in Paris Off Deco.

A wall.

This apricot can absolutely have a bit of more red. Still not terracotta and not beige.

A cooking pot at Cookut.

It works well with intense red, like here at the trend installation by the fair.

Fabrics at Paris Off Deco.

Wallpaper with Apricot, terracotta and minty green.

A floor with tiles at Gervasoni.

Tiles by Cristina Celestino for Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio.

Colour trend 2 – red

A second colour trend is focusing on red. Mix and match with orange or even pink, but make sure to include red. In my trend report with NCS I talked about matching it with blue, but less so here. More focus on other colours. Picture above and below from the trend installation by the fair.

Reds at the showroom by Laura Gonzalez.

Also Laura Gonzalez

Red cutlery at Cutipol.

Red at Farrow & Ball.

Red at Serax.

Pols Potten

At &Klevering.

Red and red hues at Stamuli.

There were some combinations with reds and blue, but less than previous years. Hera at Lobster Day.

Textiles at Dedar during Paris Deco Off

Red and blue trays.

Trend colour 3 – purple

Purple is said to be one of the dominant trend colours for coming years. All kinds of purple. Both with lots of red in it and with lots of blue.

Sombre and a bit retro. From Mapoesi.


Colourful and several nuances with purple.

Again. Mix with several purples.

Even the official colour for the walls at Maison&Objet were purple.

Here an easy chair.

Purple candle holder.

Purple and yellow at Villa Collection.

Purple and yellow at Fornasetti

Yellow, purple and turquise in a lamp.

Purples at Polspotten.

Purple and green at Villa Collection – and this leads us to the last colour trend…

Colour trend 4 – green

There were of course lots and lots of colours and variations. Perhaps yellow should have been in a chapter in it’s own? See this as an introduction of what stood out the most to a trend expert like me.

So the last colour trend is green. In my world there are lots of talks about green. Green can be soothing, sustainable and have lots of values or content. At Maison & Objet I saw it mainly as a fun colour. Energetic.

Above with apricot crush at Ames.

Fun with yellow and blue at Popus

More at Popus

The two pictures above from Vista Alegre.

I can summarize these colour trends in this picture. Everything is ok. And a bit chaotic. It is more focus on high energy than being fancy. No colour is wrong. More is better. And make it bright.

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