Formland – Spring 2023

Danish interior design fair Formland took place a few weeks back. Always colourful and fun. More and more colours and it looks like red is pretty dominant.

Formland is possibly the nicest looking of all fairs. It is always colourful, creative and fun. Ailes are large. Of course you could say that they are only large because they didn’t sell square meters, but to me as a visitor if feels airy and nice.

Spring Formland usually hosts fewer of the large brands, compared to the August version. But you do still find brands like Stelton, Broste, Hübsch and Jonathan Adler here.

And this year is ALL ABOUT COLOURS. So also at Formland. Design studio Fly Helsted is normally contracted to do the large trend installation, and of course lots of colours. However they also consider new details… Look at the top shelves. They are empty. And it’s their way of saying “maybe we need less stuff?”.

As a final comment to this introduction. Formland had teamed up with a sustainable organisation with the generic name Lifestyle and Design Cluster. Together they had invited brands to apply to take part in a sustainable exhibition. 31 brands were analysed and accepted. Scaled down stands or podiums with focus on information and education. Suuuuuuuuuuuper well done. We will give example further down.

With 315 exhibitors this is not a small fair. This is almost the size of Homi in Milan and even Formex.

It is fairly small. This means that it is fairly efficient for a lot of people. But I want a little bit more. For instance I want Formland to be more visible in the city of Herning. Making me stay in the region a bit longer.

So score? 9 out of 10. Mainly because of friendliness, atmosphere and the colours.

I really cant stress enough how friendly this fair is.

Soon moving towards trends but I wanted to include pieces from Studio Arhoj. I just wanted to show that there are some quirky, non-commercial projects too at Formland. Not everything is sleek and Scandinavian.

The sustainable section I was talking about. Loved it. Plain podiums. No carpet. Clear signs on what issues a brand is addressing. And curated by experts. I am not clear if you HAD to be a standard exhibitor or if you could choose to just participate here. But I saw people having both a “normal” stand and this. And it turned out a lot of exhibitors abandoned their normal stand to be here – because this is where the crowd were. People were interactive and asking questions. Super well done. Every fair should do this.

Trend 1 – red

Red is dominant also at Formland. Here a picture from the trend installation by Studio Fly Helsted. When I talk to my friends at NCS they talk about how the “original red” or basic red is coming back. So, no blue in it. Or white. Just plain red. But I see all kinds of red. Here in the picture is a bit of pink too. And that works too with this.

The red installation at the trend exhibition

I noticed how patterns got very strict. Squares and lines.

Brand Green Petition with recycled materials.

Stripes also at Hübsch. Here you also see the red together with brown.

Something I also saw at Studio About. Nice tableware.

Reds and browns at Oyoy

Also at the trend exhibition by Pejgruppen.

And at the kitchen by Annette Eckermann

Reds and brown candles at Ester&Erik.

Mix of reds and brown at the trend installation.

But there was also red and blue. Ohlsson Lohaven.

A French touch at Bag-in-Box.

Plate by Heinen Delfts Blauw.

Trend 2 – brown

Besides red, I would say that brown is growing. I see it as a stronger complement to beige. If you are afraid of strong colours like red, then go for brown. Here with a 70s pattern at AU Maison.

Fudge, toffee or caramel

Also AU Maison.

A woven carpet by La Casa de Freja.

From Cooee

Even tech gets a bit brown. Here at Kreafunk.

Brown, almost orange or terracotta at Blomus.

Chocolate from Olsson Lohaven

Brown and sustainable at Lubech Living.

Brand Design Label lets you choose different kinds of colour for your tables. Here an apricot base with a brown top.

A bit of brown, a bit of apricot and a bit sailor… By Broderist.

Brown and apricot pillows at Au Maison.

Candles at Ester&Erik.

Trend 3 – green

We continue the colour trail and move to green. There is a minty kind of green present. Here interpreted by Kodanska.

Same colour at the trendinstallation. Works well with deep burgundy and purple.

These flowers are actually made of recycled polyester clothes. By Reevein Studios.

More sustainability and mix of green with burgundy. By Better Weather.

Green and purple glass candleholders by AU Maison.

Colour mood board by Hübsch.

Dark green with blue hues at the trend installation.


Flowing green colours at Sarah Jahangir Studio. Coloured concrete.

At the sustainable exhibition we saw recycled fabrics by Engholm in green. (however the colour was added so not a part of the original material).

Trend 4 – purple

A lot of colours… I think we will see purple grow. Maybe not 2023, but for the coming years. Here are just some quick glimpses and reflections. Candle holders by Sarah Jahangir Studio.

Cutlery at the trend installation.

Candle holder in glass at AU Maison.

Purple recycled yarn at Celsius.

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