Formland – fall 2023

With 422 exhibitors and over 8 000 visitors Danish design fair Formland is a pretty big fair. It was the first of the fall season and a great way to measure how things are in the field of design and interiors. Where are we in this field of design? Are things grim or optimistic? And what colours can we expect? Here is the Formland report.

Formland is mainly a Danish design fair. I meet a lot of people who are curious about Formland. Is it for everyone or only locals? It has a lot of unique Danish brands like Kodanska, Royal Copenhagen and small players like Reevein. But also international brands like Jonathan Adler and Ichendorf. I would say that buyers should go to find unique, local Danish brands.

What I do want to point out, is that Formland is really a fair that takes meetings and education seriously. There are several things happening at the fair. I was invited to do a talk, but there were also a section only on sustainability. One with things for set designers. Also a cooking station you could book for your brand. Lots and lots of activites.

And Formland has one of the most interesting trend installations in the field. Done by Studie Fly Helstedt.

The trend installation focused on two areas – water/air and fire/earth. As I am scouting for new things, I felt that the earthy hues felt a bit done, but I really like the play with blue, cream and grey. A bit cold, perhaps. But definately something new.

Other things to note.

Rippled glass

There are lots of talks about glass in the interior design world. And I saw a lot of glass at Formland. What felt new was the rippled effect on the surface. Here Columbine.

At Hübsch.

At Rosendahl

Blue glass plate by Stences.


A small mini vase by Kodanska.

At the trend installation

Two-coloured glass

Something I also noted was that there were some glass with two colours. Here a wine glass by Anna von Lipa.


This is of course not two-coloured but I just liked it. At Rosendahl.

Not a drinking vessel but a candle holder. At Au Maison.


At the trend installation by Studie Fly Helstedt. As I said, I am not too excited over these earthy hues.

What stood out where these bright orange colours. Two-coloured glass again. The hue is almost like a 70s reference. Glass by Ichendorf.

Bright orange also with Sarah Jahangir Studio. She makes unique colour combinations in concrete. Beautiful.

Kodanska is a colourlover and new focus is orange. Also the coffee cup in glass is new.

Mette Ditmer with orange towels.

Au Maison again. Here with bright orange.

Bright, bright orange. I did like the combination with the minty green. From Homehagen.

But we also see the orange together with other colours. Here with pink and some kind of emerald green. At Jou Quilts

Here at Au Maison.

Here burgundy, orange and emerald green at the installation by Anette Eckmann.

Serving trays

Something is going on with these trays. It’s like everyone is doing it. Sometimes with feet like this. Feels a bit elevated. Could be stone but also ceramics. Could be something where you expose for instance jewellry or something else. Everyone is doing it. Here Blomus.

Colourful at The ClayPlay.

Sarah Jahangir Studio is doing several versions of it.

Rig-Tig is doing it too.

At Au Maison you had plenty of versions.

Wabi Sabi Nordic


And even a new version for Georg Jensen by David Tholstrup.


I am ending this report with some blue images because I think blue will be huge in the coming years. And it was also my favourite part at the trend installation.

One of my new favourite colour combos. Navy and what I call “lion’s yellow”. Very 80s. By Belgian Val Pottery.

White metal and baby blue. At Hübsch.

Large. A lot of things felt like they went bigger. Here a large blue and white vase at Rosendahl.

A blue Christmas setting.

The curtains again. By Jou Quilts.

3D printed vases. From German brand Recozy.

Blue, cream and grey. At Anne Black.

New Christmas collector’s cups at Royal Copenhagen.

So summary??

It’s a good fair. Mood was slightly optimistic. People are always complaining that there aren’t enough buyers but the big ones were there. It is a very Danish fair. It could be a little more international. But over all – good start of the season. I give this a seven out of ten.

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Susanne Lübech
10 months ago

And some of us were glad to have a fantastic fair at Formland ♻️
And always so nice to see you in Denmark Stefan