Kitchen for 2024

I was asked to design my trend kitchen for Finnish kitchen brand Puustelli. It is red, red, red and with features like a walk-in closet (but for coffee) and two kitchen islands.

I have been working with Puustelli for a few years and last year we decided to do a kitchen with all the features that was trending at that time. See it here.

They called me again and I did my research for a trendy kitchen 2024. And of course it should be red.

The colours in the kitchen is based on one of the trends I have been working with together with colour experts at NCS. Together we have made four colour charts and this is the one with lots of red. As you can see it has a deep red with two kinds of pink, a blue that is softer than “international blue” and a caramel or fudge and a grey that should make you think of concrete.

Why red? Well this is a colour that breathes both exclusivity (like Louboutin shoes) but also a very folk art red. I grew up in a red kitchen and I think it is a kitchen with good energy. Not just folded napkins…

The whole concept was to make a kitchen that stands out and inspire. It doesn’t have to be commercial. You canlike a small part of it, and use that for your kitchen planning.

One of the key elements is that this kitchen is for interior design. This is a ktichen you decorate with. The two kitchen islands could basically carry two sculptures, or trees. There is of course an open shelf so that you can display your collections.

But yes, two kitchen islands. I don’t think this will be a standard but it is actually a kind of a dream you want to have.

And it is rounded. We have previously seen arches, now we see rounded details. And I love the wood here.

Another nice feature is that we have fridge and freezer in the kitchen island. And notice no fan above the stove. The fan is now in the stove top. Leaving more space for interior design.


Two ovens. I was thinking about hiding it, but I think it is nice to have some kind of kitchen feeling. If everything is hidden it is difficult to get that kitchen atmosphere. I know that we trendwise will see more of the hidden features.

One of the unique features in this kitchen is the double door cabinet. I call it a walk-in-closet for the kitchen because the movement give you that Carrie Bradshaw feeling.

But it also connects to our travels. We still find a lot of inspiration from hotel rooms. We want our bedrooms to have that hotel sensation. And when you arrive to an expensive hotel (or dream of one) you arrive with your suitcase, put them down and one of the first things you do is open that cabinet to check out what amendities you get. And you find the coffee maker here. Usually. Not always. Of course depending on hotel…

But I wanted to to feel inspirered from a walk-in-closet and very luxarious.

Another fun feature for this kitchen is this blue little cabinet. This is my celebration cabinet. In my trend report I do I talk about how grim times are. There is war in Ukraine, recession, climate crisis, threat of new pandemics, etc, etc. In grim times we need to celebrate more. We need to celebrate that we survived September, that today is Wednesday and half of the week has already passed… Anything is worth cheering.

This cabinet holds four glasses and some sparkling (can absolutley be non-alcoholic). Quick and easy. Celebrate more.

It should be visiable so that we don’t forget to celebrate more.

This cabinet can absolutely be chilled too. It is possible to have this small thing cooled.

And that’s it. Here a pictuer of me with the team from Puustelli. As I am not a designer, I absolutely need their help. Super glad we managed to do the celebration cabinet, the walk-in-cabinet and the two kitchen islands with rounded sides. And of course the colours. Will we see red trending for kitchens? I think so. I absolutely think we are done with white kitchens.

Photos by Martin Cederblad. Styling by Per Wennberg.

Set pieces from ByOn, Popglas, Iittala and Marimekko

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Håkan Tornesque
7 months ago

Du slog huvudet på spiken Stefan! Till vardags arbetar jag med e-arkivfrågor inom en stor internationell koncern. Vi stannar sällan upp i vardagen, utan arbetar inom givna ramar. Läste din artikel, inte för att den berör min vardag egentligen utan mest av lite nyfikenhet. Vad händer hos andra? Varför måste alla pentryn vara så tråkiga? I min värld har jag ambitionen att vara världens bästa begravningsentreprenör för arkivering. Kunden ska känna att vi är proffs. Jag kommer verkan för att vi byter färg i köken kommande år. Vi måste verka med stil över hela linan. Allt ska vara lagomerat liksom. Tack för en givande artikel…