Ambiente 2024

Interior design fair Ambiente was extremely busy. Exhibitors, brands and buyers. Everyone was extremely happy. There were more things to see than in a long long time. Ambiente stands on a steady basis as being the number one business oriented fair in interior design.

The theme of Ambiente was “Celebrating Business Together” and that is very evident. This is the fair you go to for business.

When it comes to numbers the fair brought almost 5 000 exhibitors and 140 000 visitors. This makes the fair basically double the size of Maison & Objet. What we should note is that Ambiente is also including Christmasworld (report tomorrow) and Creativeworld. Christmasworld is a huge driver for visitors and exhibitors. Not only does it have cute and interesting content – it is also an industry where you HAVE to meet. A lot of business is made on a fair. Perhaps because exhibitors don’t want to do business online or perhaps because buyers need to see the ornaments live? Regardless – one of the main reasons to why Ambiente is so big, is simply because of Christmasworld.

But as said. Ambiente was busy. Some compared to last year, which was the first fair after the pandemic. And that was crazy busy. But all buyers from all over the world came to Ambiente. Full score.

Did we miss any brands? Of course. As will all fairs, but lets not talk about absent friends.

When it comes to trends. Of course I saw trends. This is such a strong fair, especially on kitchen and tableware. I am doing Christmas separately tomorrow.

Trend 1 – frogs

As said before. I keep an eye on frogs. Will they explode as a trend item or not? Well, not really sure. There are some frogs but not super interesting.


Trend 2 – birds

I would say I actually saw more tropical birds here at Ambiente. More so here than at other fairs. Maybe that will explode?


Trend 3 – happy and retro

A bit dark perhaps, but you get the idea. This is a playful and colourful installation. All cute colours. Makes you smile. Baby blue, purples and apricot. Elena Salmistraro was Ambiente Designer of the Year and her installation was all about joy and fun. And that was absolutely one of the main themes. Designer Mark Braun even made a dedicated guided tour about happiness. It could be brands working with happiness in their strategies or actually doing products that make you smile.

And I see more and more brands working with communication in this style. Here German textile brand PAD.

But also quirky and fun like this.By Yvonne Ellen.

Similar concept at Baci.

But quirky and surprising. Glasses like these.

Or plates with animal footprints. From Bonna.

Just plain fun. This is Kersten.

A style that is kind of related to “happy” is retro. I bundle it together. This is also fun and happy, but in a strong nostalgic feeling.

Mabe more nostalgic than “ha-ha”, but still makes you smile. From Portuguese brand Maria Terracotta.

These nostalgic and cute oversize flowers at Vasicaol

Nostalgic, retro and fun. Of course Kersten is pushing the limits. Is it fun or kitsch? I include this in the section for fun, happy and high energy. I like it.

Trend 4 – multi colour

Also colourful, but a different theme. I noticed that many things deliberately were in different colours. It’s not about matching but rather enourage MORE colours.

Here at Guzzini.

Here at Val do SOl

Salt and pepper shaker. Why the same colour when you can mix and match? Here at Crush&Grind.

Food storage at Amuse.

Mix and match cooking pots. At LocknLock.

Kersten again.

Trend 5 – purple

As said before, there seems to be something about lilac and purple. Also here at Ambiente. Here Ad Hoc.

Purple and that minty green


I also noted that classical ceramics from Bordallo Pinheiro now comes in purple. Purple kale.

Dansih brand Mojoo with purple.

Trend 6 – chartreuse

Chartreuse is a colour for all fairs. Maybe not as much here at Ambiente but some.

At Pillivuyt

I loved this Portuguese designer. He found a way to take sound and make it into a 3D soundwave. Every vessel or vase is a sound. Brand is called Claraval.

Happy and chartreuse from PAD.

Trend 7 – rinning

Not everything is about colour schemes. I noticed two quick things too. First I saw that a lot of this watercolour, splash effect on a lot on tableware. Previously it was more raw. Not it is more artistic.


Trend 8 – ripple

And last quick thing. A lot of glasses and glass pieces had this ripple effect. Felt new.

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3 months ago

great report, thanks!