Christmas 2024

Yes, it is time to plan for Christmas. With only 310 days until Christmas… What should one have in the Christmas tree this year? I have the answer.

Christmasworld is the interior design fair dedicated to holidays, and of course especially for Christmas. I am here focusing on the trends for Christmas. As we said yesterday when we talked about Ambiente, this is a huge fair, with lots of business.

Christmasworld is not only about tree ornaments. You also find lighting and other interior design elements. And for the first year, I would say, we see more of other holidays like Ramadan. Interesting.

But we are here to talk about Christmas ornaments and colours. As I have said for many years now – anything in our lifestyle will get an ornament. If it is important to us, then hang it in a tree.

Two examples – paddle racket and soy milk. If it is important to us – hang it in a Christmas tree.

Is ice cream important to you? Then get an ornament.

Crisps/chips? Of course, get an ornament.Who drinks wine from bottles nowadays? Get more realistic with a bag-in-box ornament.

Previously we have seen things like fashion ornaments (lipstick, shoes, bags), pets (dogs, cats) and even travel (destinations like Paris, passports, airplanes).

This year, I would say we are leaning towards the kitchen. And a retro or vintage feeling.


Of course we have seen technological gadgets or devices before. Video game consoles, mobile phones etc. Now you can send a picture of your choice (a pet, for instance) and have that printed on an ornament that looks like a phone.

For a lot of fairs I have been looking for frogs. Of course I found Christmas ornaments with frogs. But I am not posting that here. You would get bored otherwise…


Lets move into trends.

Trend 1 – black

I was actually pretty surprised but I saw a lot of black ornaments. I would think that Christmas 2024 would be more cheerful.


Trend 2 – orange

I was surprised with the colour black for Christmas. Also surprised with orange. A lot of us automatically think of fall and Halloween. But regardless – there is a lot of orange.

With bright colours like red, pink and purple it gets very young and nostalgic.


Trend 3 – retro or nostalgia

We’ve seen nostalgia for Christmas before. But as an overall trend for ALL interior design – of course we will see it here too.

I would say any kind of nostalgia is ok.

But a big emphasis on the 70s. A few suppliers had stong hippie themes.


Trend 4 – bows

We saw bows already 2023 and the will be huge in 2024. Both in size and number.

Trend 5 – size

Every tree will need a big ornament. I realise that a lot looks like window display but I really think we will have one or two super large ornaments in our trees.

Why have a small squirrel when you can have a real size one?


Large paper stars. We used to have them in the window – now in the tree.

Trend 6 – glitter

One of the main trends for 2024 is sequins, sparkle and glitter. Huge.

I like how some of these sequins had a patinated look.

But in general, it looked like everything had been dipped in glitter. Everything.


Trend 7 – sneakers

As I said initially, we have previously seen a lot of fancy fashion as ornaments. Now it’s leaving highheels for sneakers.


I love that even Crocs can be an ornament.

Please no!!!

A huuuuuuuuuuuge trend at the fair were these ornaments all made of see-through plastic. I mean, it is all massproduced, no love, no craft, just a lot of unnecessary plastic pieces.

And EVERY brand had them.

Please no. This is no love, not sustainable and nothing important. Don’t do this.

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3 months ago

thanks, great report, again …