Formland – Spring 2024

Danish interior design fair Formland is number six from my travels. Always a feast for the eyes, this year they delivered something cool, crisp and unexpected.

Should we start this report with numbers? Why not. Officially 359 exhibitors and 7 558 visitors.

In their own conclusion Formland talks about the optimism in the industry. And yes, it is always a joy to go back to Formland. The fair is full of creative meeting spots and interesting people. The section that is always most crowded is the section with emerging talents. And you do absolutely find a lot of creativity here. Glass, porcelaine, textiles, etc, etc.

And I think I have said it plenty of times – Formland have the best curated trend installation in Northern Europe. Yes, I am including Nordstil also in this part of the world. The trend installation here at Formland is simply the best. Curated by Studie FlyHelsted.

Formland is a great Danish fair. That means that you mainly (but not only) find Danish brands and Danish buyers. This year I heard more Swedish and Norwegian in the hallways. I know Formland wants to attract more Nordic buyers and also Dutch buyers.

This year the trend installation focused on neuturals and lots of textiles.

Trend 1 – blue, grey and cool

It’s funny. When you look at my reports from all other fairs, you will see a lot of colours, retro and humour that basically scream for attention. Not here at Formland. And it is interesting to see how much ahead Formland is. I am sure we will see these colour combinations – but in a year or so. When I talk about trends for 2025 I talk about the 80s but with glossy surfaces, pinstripe suits and elevated things.

This is what you find at Formland NOW. When everyone else is doing yellow and orange – Formland goes for grey.

Just very interesting.

Above picture is from Hay.

Trend colours by Pejgruppen.

Even posters get grey.

At AU Maison

The trend installation by Studie FlyHelsted

Grey from Mette Ditmer.

Candles by Ester & Erik.

White metal at Stences

Towels by Humdakin.

New Dutch brand Studio Mippe.

At IB Laursen

Trend 2 – emerald

As with some other fairs (I think it was at Maison&Objet) you see a lot of emerald green to. Here at Stences.

Stences again.


I simply LOVED this at Au Maison

Au Maison again,

I just wanted to show how you can add emerald in a super conservative setting. The willow leaves are in emerald.

Trend 3 – pattern

Of course we see a lot of patterns (as with the other fairs) and I just like how you match stripes with a Scandinavian folklore pattern. At AU Maison again.

Or this pillow. You have a heart shaped pillow but at a different pattern for the outline.

More is more.

Vintage textiles at Narikind.

We even mix and match tableware. Like here at Anna von Lipa.

Liv Interiör

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