Milan Design Week – part two

In this second report from Milan we focus on colours.

As expected we see more and deeper colours and especially in a combination that gives some kind of nostalgic vibe. First out burgundy.


The most obvious colour for Milan Design Week is burgundy. You can of course see version of it where it is colder or warmer. I can stand alone or work with other colours.

An easy chair at Moroso all in burgundy.

A huge cabinet by Muller van Severn for BD Barcelona at Capsule.

A plastic chair by Philippe Starck at Kartell

Burgundy or oxblood perhaps at Gemla, at the fair.

George Sowden at SCP.

But more commonly you saw the burgundy together with other colours – but always a dominant colour. Here at Majotae 9490.

Luca Nichetto and Kerakoll also made this colour combination with burgundy and greys. This blue is also something that comes back to the burgundy.

Burgundy and baby blue at Hydro.

Burgundy, baby blue and offwhite at Cassina.

Burgundy, teal and grey by Inga Sempe for Nina Marquina.

Burgundy and wood.

Very much a nostalgic feeling. Here at Vitra.


Burgundy in the mix of colours. Notice the burned yellow. At Hermes.

Here even orange at Palazzo Litta.

Gucci made a collection of fice pieces all in the same colour. Burgundy. Setting in a lime yellow or chartreuse.


Second colour that was really present was creme. It has more yellow than offwhite. Still very nostalgic.

Here this creme table from Studio Yellow Dot at Rossana Orlandi. Together with the purples it gets very nostalgic. Almost like an US diner.


Here at Kartell by Patricia Urquiola. Here creme with more pure purple and we are drifting towards bluer hues.

Here creme at Cassina. Small sofa tables by Luca Nichetto.

Here at the fair with brand Shake.

At Kerakoll by Luca Nichetto

But the creme can absolutely stand alone too. Here at Tacchini. The matte and shiny play makes it interesting.

Mixing various creme can get kind of “nude” and then it gets a bit bland… It needs something to play with to be fully interesting.

Here a mix of pastels at Muuto. You see the creme at the fireplace.

I would say that mixing with yellows feel a bit dated.

And you don’t want it to be too yellow. Here at Zanotta.

This grey is a “relative” to creme. It is soft, nostalgic and nice. I am sure we will see much more of this. At Maruni.

Creme at Majotae 9490.


A third colour that was very present was this babyblue. My friend Elisabetta from Italianbark wants to talk about it as “aqua”. And that is fine. It is a colder hue than turquiose and definately a sign that there is a reaction to all this super strong and bright colours. Works well with intense colours like orange. And of course also with proper cold white.

Here at Hydro again. You see the burgundy in the background. Also a bit of chartreuse.

Here on the cabinet doors of Draga Aurel at Rossana Orlandi.

Pictures at Mutina.

At Poltrona Frau. They are really getting more and more interesting as a brand playing with colours. Here I like the babyblue with this orange.

Same colours but on a woven bench.

This is not white but babyblue. But a really sharp and cold colour. Easy chair by Faye Toogood for Poltrona Frau.

Here on the floor at the Elle Deco installation. Matching the chartreuse curtains.

And the textile exhibition at JW Anderson.


I talked about emerald green already in February, after interior fair Maison & Objet. Look here. Also here in Milan we see a lot of this blue-green colour. It is strong and confident.

Here on the wall at the Draga & Aurel installation at Rossana Orlandi.

Here on the huge cabinets at BD Barcelona.

Together with orange and beige at Zanotta.

Kerakoll again.

Sancal mixes emerald with greens, grey and beige. Or is it creme?

Again from the textile exhibition by JW Anderson.

Emerald on the carpets by Faye Toogood for CC Tapis.

At BlåStation

But more you also see it together with other strong colours. Kind of like a box of crayons. Here at Mazziatti.

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