Design Week Milan – part three

Time for the third report from Milan. There are obviously lots of interesting design and exhibitions to talk about but here are the things that stand out to me as a trendhunter.

Here are the six topics or themes I saw stand out.


Everyone is talking about AI – but not in Milan. I actually thought we would see more of that, and perhaps aesthetics inspirered by AI.

Sema Topaloglu at Alcova. Here is an installation that is really between art, design and AI. It’s like if someone wrote “pink water bathroom and flowers”.

Also at Alcova and on the verge of art, design and AI. That strange inflatable thing. Is it a fountain turned upside down? And the stools that are all shiny and look like letters.

But I actually thought we would see more things like this. Of course all these bubbly and rounded furniture pieces could be described as AI but nothing is really intentional AI. Here Serralunga at the fair.

Here at Nilufar Depot. That easychar in the front… Super strange – but is it AI?

I honestly thought we would see more of this. Here Meritalia at the fair.

There are some work associated to things like VR. Here a lamp from last year’s shooting star Audrey Large that is working with VR and 3D printing.

Here a studentwork I actually saw i Eindhoven. Here at Isola. Ralf Gloudemans.

Here at an architectural exhibition with VR at Isolo. But as a conclusion – not a lot.

Bubbly glass

A second trend would be bubbly glass. It is crafted and organic. Not flat and dead.

Lasvit with the gigantic glass walls by Maxim Velcovsky.

A new table by Patricia Urquiola for Glass Italia.

Also Glass Italia.

A glass table at Artemest.

More at Glass Italia.

Here actually a stone table but it has been deliberately chipped and marked to create an uneven surface. By Analogia Project at Nilufar Depot.

Not super bubbly, but kind of… The tables by Front Design for Moroso.

The granite experience

So we have seen a long decade of marble and then lately sandstone (or travertine). Are we entering a decade of granite?

At Rossana Orlandi this silicone cupboard with this dotted stone feeling.

Also at Rossana Orlandi

The small side table at Cedit.

At Maruni at the fair.

This is not granite but looks different from the white and black normal marble. At Convey and this is Sfrido Estate.

Also at Convey and this is granite. This is Marbledworks.

Small and efficient kitchen at Convey.

There might be that we are drawn to this black and white dotted aesthetics. Here at Seletti.

Here as a boucle which gets the same look as granite. At BlåStation.


The world of trendhunters have been talking about weaving for quite some time and perhaps we will see grow commercially now.

This carpet is apparently doing something to people. This is my most liked thing on Instagram EVER. Today is has 10 000 likes and over 100 000 views. Crazy. But nice. It is a carpet made of climbing ropes. By Estelle Bourdet at House of Switzerland.

Salvaged and reuse yarn from Sunbrella at Rossana Orlandi.

Beautiful carpets at Alcova. From Studio Alvar and Catalan de Ocon.

At Salone Satellite these chairs were nice. Woven. By Ramses Viazcan.

Also almost a woven effect on these stackable stools. By Luc Reinacher at House of Switzerland.

Also this is weave. A vintage Vitra chair with woven textiles. At Masterly by the Visionary Lab.

I wasn’t too amazed by the Hermes installation. Usually the go all in for something colourful and big. This time focus on floor and recycled materials. But perhaps we should see this as textile patterns? Is it weaving actually?

White metal

It has been hot for a few years and perhaps we reached a high point this year and it will get less of white metals later?

Installation at Alcova – and look at the granite.

What I would say is that this white metal is more sculpted than previously. More bend. Here Tim Teeven at Rossana Orlandi.

At Alcova.

At Adorno at Alcova.

At the Brazilian exhibition Piloto.

Salvatori made a bathroom in white metal

And of course at Hydro (who produce aluminum). But look at how the pilars are shaped!


Last chapter. Of course we need to talk about wood. Yes, wood is still hot. I would say that the thing that’s different this year is that it is even MORE crafted. Not playful. Serious craft. More and more and more.

At Rossana Orlandi. The Korean exhibition. This vase that is almost patchwork.

Speaking of textile references. This wall panel by Tim Bart.

This chair at Arper was much talked about. They have pressed a mold to the wood to create this tactile surface. Someone said it looks like a Japanese carpet.

Folded wood pieces. Like books??


Detailed veneer work at Alcova.

At Alcova I saw Econit who takes saw dust and binds it to a material. After usage you can throw it on the composte.

Adorno again. Are these bullet holes?

Cassina made proper wood. Nothing to laugh about.

Fine, fine wood carving in the surface at Zanat.

This Japanese stool. The pattern is supposed to make to think of shadow play underneath a leafy tree. By Okinawa Products at Salone Satellite.

I met Seoungjun Lee and now again at Isola in Milan. His things are wood – but sandblasted so they get this surface.

More playful. Yellow Dot Studio at Rossana Orlandi.

Finnish-HongKong Didi NG selected as one of the most talented design students in Europe. Selected by Wallpaper and exhibited at Triennale.

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well done!