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Next week Scandinavia’s largest interior design fair opens its doors. I have no assignments there and will just quickly pass by on Tuesday. However – I have initiated something new. I have spent some weeks during summer, looking at catalogues, talking to exhibitors and visiting showrooms. During next week August 22-25 I will make an exhibition with my approximately 40 products that I think are the best of Formex. Don’t have time to go? Don’t want to run through kilometers of fair grounds? You can simply get a coffee and look at these things live. Details are at the end of this post.

So. Interior design fall 2018… It seems like almost everyone is talking about how colour is coming back. To some extent yes. Mainly dusty, earthy colours – mustardy yellow, rusty reds, some green but mainly navy or denim blue. I dare say that navy blue is colour of this season.

But you will start to see black again. Black, grey and silver (instead of brass).

Below you will find some of my favourites. Not everyone has agreed on having their new things being published here so you will have to come to my exhibition to see the final result.

Lovelly Växbo Lin is launching a new tablecloth called Strå. Very delicate and Scandinavian. And of course in red.

Dixie continues to work with sustainable design. Something that feels extremely accurate fall 2018. Here in some red tones.

Tableware and setting by Paradisverkstaden. In collaboration with Swedish magazine Lantliv.

Red with grey can be found at Himla.

But they also work with grey and mustard. Notice how grey is almost the foundation or basis of everything.

Not really mustard, but yellowish. The new bird feeder by Wildlife Garden.

Really yellow is the felt flower pots by Aveva.

Maroon and mustard. I took this picture at the home of Chhatwal & Jonsson. A lovely design company with all the right attitudes for 2018-2019. At a question lite “So why to you run Chhatwal & Jonsson?”, they reply “Oh, because we want to have fun.” Good attitude.

And of course grey with black. As a foundation. Do I dare guess that the pillow with the pug will be the fair’s most photographed object?

I want to continue with the grey and black. ON Interiör have made new candle holders. I love the uneven shape. But now when I look at my pre selection it feels pretty typical that they have a black candle in the candle holder. But very nice.

Another picture of the ON Interiör collection.

Dark… Cut glass by PB Home.

New candle sticks for Design House Stockholm.

Black tableware by Cult Design.

Black and dramatic setting. The new glass collection by Marcus Emilsson for Målerås. This is an developed collection he actually showed at Designgalleriet a few years back. Very well done.


Speaking of glass and craft and darker settings. New vases by Kristina Stark.

More darkness. My friend Jimmy Schönning makes these winecoolers under his brand Jimsch. Nice.

And new friends – EWA Home. Their product is not at all dark (its the white socket) but their images is pretty much “on trend” for fall 2018. Black and white. The socket makes it possible for you to get your coffee ready from your bed. And also monitor how much energy you use (if you want to be sustainable and use less).

And now – lets focus on blue. Yes, there are blue hues everywhere. Here more kobolt for the new collection by SouloSofie.

Another picture from the same collection.

Lovely Linen is totally focusing on blue this season.

And so is Axlings.

And Skansen. Look att his blue colour!!!

More from Skansen.

And this setting with a new shelf by Maze Interior.

And even this has blue in it. SOOP have some fine ceramics with blue glaze.

And this is actually bluer in real life. One of my favourites is Westcoast based Sloydlab. Here they are interpreting the classical Dalahors into a kurbits. Nice tableware.

And finally some green. Lindform must be the most common brand internationally. Whenever I visit a museum shop internationally, they hold their Scandinavian ceramics. Makes me feel proud. Here are their new artichoke inspirered flower vases.

And of course we see some more of last year’s green and pink combo. Here from new Swedish brand Otto Henrik.

Andnew lamps through agent Oseroff.

Every object that have been selected have the opportunity to use this logo. It is only digital but keep an eye for it on Instagram, Facebook etc, etc.

And finally. The details.

This exhibition with approximately 40 of the best of Formex can be seen at Clarion Hotel Sign. The opening party is open to anyone but please send a RSVP to And the opening event is on 18-21.00 Wednesday August 22nd.

The exhibition is open 10-18.00 otherwise. Enjoy.

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Johanna Etzén
Johanna Etzén
4 years ago

The opening event is on wednedsday the 22nd I think? Just not to confuse … See you there!