Trendstefan’s selection from Formex

Fair season has really started rolling. Scandinavia’s largest fair Formex happend this week and since I have stopped working with them I am focusing on new projects. I have scouted some of my favourites from the fair and made a public installation in the city. Open to anyone who wanted to get an overview of what will come out in store later this year, could get a sneak peek preview free of charge at Clarion Hotel Sign.

Starting in June, July I contacted the majority of the exhibitors at Formex and asked them to send me information about what they would launch. Most people sent catalogues but there was also a constant discussion over these warm summer days. Some companies only have one or two samples to show and could not participate in this. But I am pretty confident we managed to get the best of the best from this fair – and absolutely a nice way to get an overview of what will be lanched fall 2018.

I finalized and got a list of approximately 40 companies participating. Everyone got the opportunity to use the plain logo we made, saying that Trendstefan liked their things. You can of course see some under hashtag #selectedbytrendstefan.


The exhibition was coordinated and built with new intern Axel and project manager Robert. As always – logistics is a bitch… But we managed.

The exhibition and party took place at Clarion Hotel Sign that was generous to have us. Normally this is a classical coffee area and this we tried to turn into a design hub.

Ta da!!

I made four larger tables and one small for some sort of spread on aesthetics. Here is the redder rable. The colours are rusty, brown and a hint of eggwhite or beige.

In the picture you see a tablecloth by Himla and in the background a tablecloth that is actually a rug from Dixie. Grey pillow with pug is from Chhatwal Jonsson, lady in black as candle holder is from Skansen. Dotted flower pot from Wikholm Form and candle sticks by Kähler.

Same table but a different angle. Here you see the red carpet from Dixie clearer. Yellow and white napkins from Axlings, carving cards from Täljogram, blue purse from Skansen, round vases from Wikholm Form, wicker vases by PB Home.

In the front you see ceramics cups from SOOP, round vases by Ernst, aluminum candle holder from ON Interiör, a bird from Wildlife Garden, yellow napkins from Himla, blue napkins from Axlings.

In this picture you also see the clear glass vase by Kristina Stark.

Blue and beige pillows by Lovely Linen, and red striped pillow by Chhatwal & Jonsson. Super cute rhinos made of recycled denim from Qise.


The second table had a blue base with yellow, mustard and white details. Table cloth from Skansen. White plate with blue pattern (do you see the horse heads?) from Sloydlab. Figurine from Kähler. Wool flower pots with gradient yellow from Aveva. Milk jug from ON Interiör, yellow towel from Himla, white ceramic bowls from Paradisverkstaden c/o Lantliv, baskets from Dixie, blue towels from Lovely Linen and Soulosofie. And bird house from Wildlife Garden.

In this picture you see posters from Otto Henrik and a new cool socket from EWA Home.

On a greyer scale… I must say I really like how white metals are coming back. Tablecloth by Växbo Lin, mirror by Klong, on the mirror you see a small bowl from Paradisverkstan, an artichoke flower vase by Lindform. Also here is a purse by Skansen.

Christmas bird set from Cult Design, grey napkins from Himla.

Wine glasses from Riedel, flower vase with black base from Målerås, large icebucket from Jimsch and steel chandelier by Ha Ha Sthlm.

A setting with more pastels. Table cloth by Himla, striped textiles in front from Skansen. On striped textiles you see two new candle lights by Skultuna, also serving platter in red and white by Spode through agent Briscapo. Dip dyed coffee cups by SOOP and you can possibly also see small brass vases with bubble by Klong. Green pillow from Rice and pink lamp by Oseroff.

Finally also a small sektion with darker wood. Shelf and bowl by Åry Home. Filled with small candle holders by Cult Design, candle holder in bookshelf by ON Interior, striped flower pot by Wikholm Form, sitting figurine by Kähler and green small vase by Lindform.

And new shelves by Maze.

And then there was party. The exhibition opened on Wednesday with 250 guests coming to network, chill and just have fun. All balloons from Pompalloon who also helped with these pictures.


I was asked to make a talk about the trends at Formex and my selection. And of course I did… 🙂

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