A Vintage Christmas

Winter is coming, as they say in a certain tv show. And with winter we have Christmas. The other week I did a floral Christmas with Plantagen and this week I did a vintage Christmas with Tradera and Avfall Sverige. Here are my two trees.

Auction site Tradera asked me during summer if I could to an interpretation of a trendy vintage Christmas. And since I love Christmas I jumped on this. The first tree is full of hay ornaments. I would have gone for all vintage hay things but it is actually kind of difficult to find. So I got all these from Skansen. But do notice my old straw hats. Since it is from the same material I think it fits.

The second tree is also vintage. I wanted to use colour combinations. I believe our attitude towards Christmas is changing. We are not necessarily doing the tree as we did last year. We might want to update it. And colour is one way.

When I visit fairs like Christmasworld in Frankfurt I can see how ornament suppliers are slowly but surely moving towards trendy colours. You can see you basically can observe like “colour of the year” more clearly now and previously. If someone whispers “pink” – everyone will go for pink. Or a certain colour combination.

Here I wanted pink as a base but with stylish and trendy colours. No reds or greens.

And it was really difficult to find coloured Christamas bulbs. Especially vintage.


Thirdly I did a table setting. Perhaps just five years ago I would laugh at someone telling me to get a Christmas tableware. A thing I basically just use once per year. But our attitude has changed. Getting a tableware for the season is nowadays pretty common – and acceptable. For this setting I wanted to mix vintage with newer items.

So here you see the big plate from Rörstrand, vintage middle plate and small bowl by Fyrklövern.

Me in a good Christmas mood and a wamt sweater from Rusta.

Press meeting.

Me trying to be serious…

It all started with two empty trees from Hornbach.

And that’s it. So this season I have done totally four Christmas trees and first of advent is not even here… Maybe I have time to do more Christmas interpretations…


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