A big part of my job is to travel. Last weekend I got to go to Pukeberg, a destination in Glasriket or Crystal Kindom in Sweden. Here are some sights.

Pukeberg is one of those small towns in Sweden. This used to be a lively area with lots of glass workers, creativity and entrepreneurship. Today they are trying to rejuvenate itself. Like a design fair over a weekend in May.

Pukeberg invited me for a two day workshop where I was talking about design, sustainability and trends.

Old industrial facilities turned into exhibitions spaces.

Part of these old industrial buildings are turned into schools. Like this. So beautiful.

Pukeberg is a place of old historical glamour. This is a place where they used to make some of the most beautiful glasses in Sweden.


Today Pukeberg is a place also for workshops and studios. Some incredibly art pieces are made here. Like by artist Eva Sundman.


But you can also bargain some proper glass works.

Design students at work

Best find for me was to find this cakestand by Markus Emilsson for Cafe Hos Oss. Contemporary, crafted and very cute.



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