Snack – a new kind of retail

What have you been up to lately? I have been working on a new retail concept. Yes, despite “death of retail” and pandemic stress, me and my new business partner Robert have started something completely new. Here is the story of Snack.

As a trend hunter and analyst I have been looking at retail. Just before Christmas 2019, Swedish agency working with retail said that 24% of all stores in Stockholm will close in five years. But retail isn’t dead. It has just changed. During my travels I saw a lot of inspiring and new retail. Like Camp in New York, K11 in Shanghai or even Browns East in London. Retail is really happening but we need to look at it from a different perspective. Today it is obviously all about experience. And it is extremely interesting to see how brands can communicate directly with users instead of through magazines. I of course talk about how social media is competing with printed media.

You can read more about these ideas in this English interview for magazine Scandinavian Man.

So what have we done? We did a two day shop with flowers. You came to Snack to get a free cutting. This would be something you could take care of during the corona era. And then it blooms, perhaps when the pandemic would be over. Sharing, caring, loving. We filled two days with lots of activities and the Instagram account with stories and education about cuttings. Most things free of charge.

The idea is of course that you get experience and something for free and then perhaps pay for something. Like a flower pot, or a cocktail or something else.

Me and business partner Robert. I am focusing on the trend perspective and Robert is concept developer and the money maker…

Our first shop took place at a semi abandomed hotel. By having Snack at their previous outdoor restaurant we could bring traffic to their place. Safe, of course, as we are outdoors. This first Snack took place at Clarion Hotel Sign.

Cuttings of all kinds were prepared. You could get any kind of cutting from us.

We brought fresh, newly published books.


During our two days about 200 people came with 20 journalists attending.


People would get a cutting and photograph it to share on social media.

During our two days we had talks almost every hour. Everything was streamed on @selectedsnack so people who couldn’t come to the store could participate online.

Guests included people like Viktor Erlandsson who designed this cutting vase for Klong.

Gardening designer and architect Katja Halvarsson who started the sustainable garden design company Lilldal 2:10.

Store Green Go Smart, that is focusing on gardening and design.

Flower world champion (woop woop) Per Benjamin.

Robin Malmros from liquor agent Konn, serving flower inspirerd drinks with Gemellii, Sparkling tea, etc, etc.

Colour expert Sara Garanty talked about what colours you should have on your outdoor furniture, etc, etc.

And do check out how we managed to fill our Instagram with 45 posts about cuttings, geranium and flowers. All at @selectedsnack.

Snack. This is our first try. The idea is to continue this concept where we visit different places in the city with different themes. Lots of love, lots on inspiration and lots of fun. Two days per month. We will be experimening with all versions of having a shop. Open only two hours per day? Why not?

The name Snack means that this is a goodie bar. Something small, like an hors d’oeuvres. Not a full meal, but rather something fun. “Snack” or “Snackis” in Swedish also means “talk of the town”.

We want to make retail fun.

Below are some more pictures from this project. We have been working on this for four months now. Still learning a lot – but we do have fun. Next Snack? Make sure to follow @selectedsnack in Instagram – that is where it will be communicated.


Yes, last picture. Trend hunter trying to calculate and see if we have enough cuttings before it all starts. Lots of logistics.

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