Swedish Design Students – 2020

Corona stopped most graduation exhibitions by the design students this year. The pandemic made the schools cancel public viewing. Unfortunately. But now there is change. Finally some acted adult and put together a show with the 23 best furniture pieces of 2020 graduates. At privately run Möbeldesignmuseum you can get an overview of the generation that graduated this spring.

Sweden has plenty of design universities. There are schools in Umeå, Växjö, Härnösand, Lund etc. The most talked about schools are in Stockholm and Göteborg. If you want to be a product, craft or furniture designer you would most likely apply to the ones in the larger cities.

This exhibition is curated and selected by Möbeldesignmuseum. In an industrial building in Stockholm you can find their view of what is the best of the best. The schools involved are Beckmans, Malmstens, Konstfack and HDK.

The exhibition is a very nice initiative by Möbeldesignmuseum and this stands as a contrast to the passiveness by the schools. Sure, there have been some initiatives, but not to the extent as a full reprepresentation of what is “normally” done for the design students.

The selection is small. Only 23 pieces and only furniture. Here are some of my favourites. For a full list of graduates, go to the museum or visit their website.

And I must say – this is one of the best design initiatives of this year.

A first observation for this generation of graduates seems to be that they are looking for furniture with a clear typography or identity. Here a chair by Johan Ansander at Konstfack. He explains that he want to do design that is locally sourced.

Siri Svedbord, also Konstfack. She says the design is simply but strong and a flirtation with folklore (allmoge). Functional but also ornamental.

Chen-Yun-Chih, HDK. With a Taiwanese background, he wants people to be inspirered to try calligraphy.

Sinar Alexis, Beckmans. A chair inspirered by female designers who are overshadowed by male colleagues.

A personal favourite is this table. Finally not a chair… Done by Alice Andersson, Konstfack. She has been inspirered by baking (!!).

Adiran Bursell, Konstfack. He has designed a small side table with local stones from Öland inserted.

Oskar Gustafsson, HDK. Is it a chair or a sculpture? Or both?

Daniel Svahn, Konstfack. New pieces made from scrap furniture in public buildings. Nice upcycle.

Anna Engvall, Malmstens. A shelf experimenting with assymetry.

Anton Sander, Malmstens. This collection of furniture pieces is perhaps one of my absolute favourites of the year. A chair, a lamp, a bookshelf, etc. Better in real life than on this picture.

Anton Kreü, Malmstens. Also a nice piece. The seat is made of recycled plastics creating an intricate pattern.

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