Merry Christmas 2020

It is Christmas season. Perhaps my favourites season. It is a time when you can follow or break rules. It is really up to you – as long as you are nice.

I have almost become Mr Christmas in Sweden, talking about everything from Ugly Christmas Sweaters, food and ornaments. To me, Christmas is a perfect holiday where you filter our lifestyle and wishes. Personally I am having three Christmas trees at my country house. One with the nice and expensive ornaments (yes I have Christmas bulb from Hermes that cost 200 euro), one with the fun and quirky ornaments – and one for the guests. Yes, over Christmas I want to have people over and they should get creative and make their on mark.

For a third or fourth year in a row I have been invited to interpret my Christmas for Scandinavian flower chain Plantagen. Last year I did “the most sustainable Christmas tree”.

2020 is all about retro, fun, happy and updating the things you already have. Don’t buy new stuff. Update.

What I did this year, was to take my ordinary mass produced Christmas bulbs and drill holes in them. Then I put flowers in the bulbs making it kind of like a small vase.

Or just put twigs in the holes.

More is more. And fun.

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