A day with trends

Coming Tuesday – February 2nd – I will take the stage for the tenth year in a row. Stora Trenddagen is the day when I talk about the coming trends in lifestyle, design, architecture, a bit of food and behaviourism.

Me, or my alterego Trendstefan, have been working with trends since just before the millenium, but it was 2011 that I decided I needed a bigger platform to talk about where we are going. The venues have changed over the years and of course we need to adopt to the pandemic. So Stora Trenddagen will be a digital event.

Also new to this year, is that I am working with colour experts NCS. They have put together a proper and formal colour chart. No hunches or guesses. These are the things that will be accurate for 2022 – for sure.

We are only a few days away from Stora Trenddagen and the session is basically full. Close to 700 viewers from 26 different countries. But if you want to get a ticket, go to the trenddagen website and book a ticket.


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2 years ago

-I have booked this event online. I was sent a confirmation email, but unfortunately I still have not received any further info on how to participate!!! ??
How can I participate??
Are you still sending info??
For a quick answer I would be VERY THANKFUL!!!
[Beställning #1311] (januari 12, 2021)