Hang in there

Not a lot has happened in the design world during the pandemic. Fairs and museums closed. Galleries postponed exhibitions. Very little has happened. No launches, no impressions, no nothing…

In my hometown Stockholm you could see very few initiatives like Misschiefs. But now a new exhibition has opened and it is full of creativity, crazyness and life. I love it. Best of Stockholm 2021? Open until April 16. Go see it.

The group behind dotdotdotstockholm gathered 44 creators for this project/exhibition at HV Textil. Everyone was given the same tight brief. Make a hanger, a domestic everyday object that noone really cares about. Make it fun, crafted or whatever. It could be functional – or not. Any material. But it had to be a hanger. Outprice must be 100 euro (1000 SEK). The goal from dotdotdotstockholm is to make craft more universal.

And this exhibition is so full of energy, comfort and a promise that we can make something nice despite the pandemic. Hang in there, the name of the project is also kind and comforting. I love this. And I did a bit of shopping too…

This whole project feels so genuine, accessible and kind.

132 pieces are displayed over the gallery and very accessible. Almost half of the hangers are sold out. Only in a few days. And no wonder. These hangers are done by some of the most promising young designers in Sweden of today. Here you find pieces by ceramicist Paul-Robin Sjöström, jewellry designer Yasar Aydin, textile designer Gustaf Hellsing, fashion designer Fanny Ollas, artist Rasmus Nossbring, ceramicist Stina Lord and ceramicist Linn Sjöstedt, etc, etc, etc. Full list is available at the organisers website.

Kiss hanger by Mattias Pettersson

Nanny Rådenman

Fredda Berg

Paul-Robin Sjöström

Fanny Ollas

Sara Fast Hurtigkarl

August Sörensson

Wictor Öberg

Linn Sjöstedt

Karol Zarbock

Sofi Gunnstedt

Truls Mårtensson

Sofia Eriksson

Petter Rhodiner

Elias Båth

Amy Worall

Tova Berglund

Gustaf Helsing

Alberte Skronski

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