Morning room and my home office

2020, just before the pandemic hit us, we decided to rearrange the apartment in Stockholm. We moved the kitchen to the livingroom and made the previous kitchen into a home office, or as I call it – morning room.

The home office is the place where I work and do my trend reading – but also where I take care of my house plants. Yes, house plants are a huge trend, We have been talking about our love for house plants for a while and you can reason about why this is so. Before the pandemic there were talks about the need for house plants because more and more people would live in single households. At least someone to talk to, right?

Today we could talk about our need for greenery. We are at home, isolated and need something green to look at.

Regardless – everyone love house plants. I heard a seminar the other day saying that we have doubled the amount of houseplants compared to ten or twenty years ago.

One thing I spot with my trend perspectice is that we need a room where we can be alone. At least for those of us living with other people. When everyone is working from home – the biggest luxury is to have a room where you can slowly start the day with a cup of coffee. A morning room. That is the biggest luxury 2021.

Old kitchen. Change floors, open a new door and bring on tons of plants.

Green plats everywhere. I love them all. When it comes to house plant trends it is all in the foilage. Green leaves with patterns. All pictures below are done with Plantagen and photographer Frida Ström.

Work, work. The red dinosaur is a flower pot I got in Los Angeles a few years ago. The text board in the end of the easy chair is something I did myself.

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