Maison & Objet 2021 – the colours

Paris, Paris, Paris. The design week in September is usually a busy week with lots of activities in the capital. And slowly but surely the design scene is waking up after two years of corona. I will do an overview of the design and activities in my next report – but first – let’s talk about colours. Here are the colours at Maison & Objet (and the design week). If Milan was yellowish with olive green, purple and white metals, then Paris is earthy red (especially in textiles) with olive green and turquoise.

Fairs and masks… We’ll see how long we will have to do this. But this time I used mask when watching the colour for interiors. I would say that there is a strong emphasis on the earthy reds. A bit orange. We are definately not going monochrome. More choices, more colours.

Earthy red and orange

Art prints. Orange, earthy and a bit retro. Definately a bit of Cote d’Azur retro. I will come back to that. Here at Paper Collective.

So, earthy and orange. Absolutley with a green that complements.

This earthy red when it is all alone or only with a beige base makes it a bit dull. No, add a bit of contrast.

Orange, green and a bit of brown. I like how corall makes it feel contemporary. Here at Arte.

And yes, I am talking about orange. Not only about softer hues. Bright orange is here too.

Natural beige

There is of course a set of “natural beige”. The raw material speaks for it self. Here at the design exhibition Frugal.

At gallery Amelie Maison d’art.

It’s like playing with variations of natural dyes. Everything feels unpolished and raw. That curtain on the same wall comes back in a different version in Copenhagen. But my report from 3 Days of Design will come later.

Soily, dirty and raw. Here also with a hint of green.



Since last year I am hanging out with the colour experts at NCS Colour and I am trying to learn to talk about colour properly. Well, this green, I think you say you have a lot of blue in it. Right?

At Serax

At &Klevering

It is absolutely a kind of darker green. I demands attention. Not a timid green. And here with this soily, earthy mustard. Not as red as in the textiles.

Stool at La Manufacture


Of course there is blue. Honestly I don’t know hos I feel about this strong Klein blue. It feels a bit artificial andshortlived. But there are examples out there. Here at Ichendorf.

It’s a bit too strong…

From Broste


Studio Pepe

I think it is much more interesting with this mature blue. It feels saturated and more premium.

Both pictures above by Bertozzi.

Here at Babel Brune.

Piccolo Seeds. Cute.


One of the newer colours – and I am sure (!!!) this will be a trend colour soon – is turquoise. Of course a strong retro feeling but a lot already is retro. But it feels new. What I notice is how it is more and more on “it’s own” rather than with a classical pink hue. So turquoise on it’s own or with other colours – but not pink.

Plate by Serax.


Pillow brand Jules Pansu.


Last two pictures. I talked about yellow in the report from Milan, and you will see more yellow from Copenhagen, but it wasn’t super much in Paris. Not my fault. But some. Note that it is almost together with other colours, so not a stand alone colour.

Valeri Objects.

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Gunnar Hoffrichter
Gunnar Hoffrichter
2 years ago

report, as always!