Three Days of Design 2021 – aesthetic things

Last post from Three Days of Design 2021. This time I want to focus on some aesthetic news. I want to talk about leather and transparency.

In two chapters we have talked about the overall concept for the design week in Copenhagen and also pinpointed some colour choices. Now it is time to look at some of the dominant design choices made.


One of the most obvious trend choices for this year is the “nude” leather. It is soft in colour and a bit worked, compared to mocca which is more matte. So almost a bit shiny. If I am not mistaken this is at &Tradition.

Might be New Works.

Normann Copenhagen.

And that 80s looking armrest is coming back.

Fritz Hansen.

At Hay.


Whenever I talk to my trend colleagues in the world, they always come back to the word – transparency. We want it as a way of living but also a transparent look of things. I totally include the white opaque in this. As mentioned earlier – EVERYONE is making a paper lamp or an opaque lamp. Everyone.

Here a transparent lamp base at Ebb & Flow.

Transparent pendants at Please wait to be seated.

Transparency in patterns at Muuto.

Transparency in textiles as with Kvadrat.

But most common was of course the white opaque. Here at Vipp.

Lamps by Portuguese brand Mor at Open House Magazine.

More at Vipp

Opaque lamps at Fritz Hansen

At Brdr Kruger.

And a plainer, but larger lamp. Not in glass but still the same effect. At Gubi.


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