Stora Trenddagen 2022

Stora Trenddagen 2022 is launched today. Here are some insights.

For the eleventh time I got to take the stage and talk about the times we are in and where we are going. Stora Trenddagen has become my platform to talk about design and behaviour. Kind of a launch for the coming year, or years.

Since last year I am doing this together with colour experts at NCS Colour. It is very fruitful to work with them. I would say that we complement eachother quite well. I try to bring a larger, over all perspective and they are much more skilled in putting exact colours and hues to this.

For this trend report we basically started working in August, September. We talk, discuss and argue. And it needs to grow and mature. Funny enough we are obviously leaving almost all beige and getting more chromatic.

2022 is still a corona year. Two years ago I was touring Sweden with this presentation and met 1 500 people. Now it is all digital. 600 people are registered from 24 countries.

Looking through the curtains from behind the scene. We had 50 people in the audience this time.

The stage was set with colours to match the last of the four trends. A lot of blue, orange and grey. And we will love temporary things that are changing – like flowers.

In the presentation I wanted to emphasize that we are going full force in to art and experiences. Like the infinity rooms of Yayoi Kusama.

And again – vanishing things like scents. And my favourite scent is “sleepy dog paws”.

But this report is about being precise and clear. A lot of “kill your darlings”. I had this picture in my presentation for a long while. We are shopping less, and doing things on our own more. Like kombucha. Apparently increased 30% in just one year.

But had to go…

But this stayed. Had this to illustrate that we will see more lace. But could also fit the trend “royalcore”…

But a short introduction to the trends.

Blushing Brides – soft hues, tactile and sensual. Also sensory. We like to feel things under our fingers. Like the stone travertine. A feminine trend where men are wearing pearl necklace. Transparency. And perfect colour for kitchens.

Repair Rituals – one of the main themes for coming years is that we don’t want to buy new things. We want to repair. Kind of “serious” hues. Burgundy and denim – but also a bit of orange. You don’t get to choose one or two colours. Instead you have to work with them all at the same time.

Cyber Smokerings – temporary things. You see the smoke in the picture? Disappearing things like flowers and gorgeous food. This is the colour scheme for the urbanites. City and design buffs will love this colour combination. Pear or vanilla yellow, purple, softpants grey… Nice. The teal green should work well in bathrooms. Nice on tiles.

Kings and colours – child at heart and not kid’s party. Lots of orange (again). Colour combintaion that we have seen in sneakers. Glass and transparency. Neoexpressionism as in Basquiat. King’s crowns as in the same Basquiat. Smileys.

Want to see the whole seminar? You can still buy a ticket for this. Either contact me at or go to website for Stora Trenddagen.

You can watch the trend seminar from 2021 for free. And that is available here.

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1 year ago

så bra och vackert paketerat

Carina Johansson
Carina Johansson
1 year ago

Superbra seminarium!!
Fick dock aldrig någon NCS-färgprover skickade till mig.
Vore super om det finns nån kvar till mig 🙂