Slow cruise on the Baltic Sea

How will we travel now after the pandemic? Perhaps slow cruise is the answer. Here is the new slow cruise touring between Finland and Sweden.

The whole new concept of the new cruise format for Glory at Viking Line is that everything is a litte bit better and a little bit slower. I was invited to attend one of the first tours to Sweden.

Cruising between Finland and Sweden is something established and a fairly fixed format. You go in these cruises because there is decent food and good party. So this new concept don’t want to book the biggest shows or best party themes. Instead it is focused on winding down.

The public spaces and restaurants are done by interior architects at Koncept.

Everything looks a bit like any generic coworking space or hotel chain in larger cities. Ecclectic furniture and a balanced colour palette. Wooden details and lots of carpets to keep noice to a minimum.

Different restaurant concepts.The cafeteria looking restaurant is gone and instead you can eat at food courts. Kind of like at any mall.

Buffet dining is huge on these cruise concepts and so here as well. Looking super nice. And really better food than on usual cruise concepts. A premium feeling. And you don’t have to do buffet. You can obviously go to an a la carte place on the cruise. Green room above with bird cage is from a proper restaurant.

They even have a 360 chambre separee. If you book this room, the table and seat is slowly turning. I think I remember it as you get to see the whole view during one hour, so it is very slow.

There are two outdoor decks. Obviously decks are a big thing. People want to be outdoor during summer. The red here is actually from the original logo of Viking Line. The same colour on the Elizabeth Arden lipstick the wife of the founder had. Art installation by Stefan Lindfors.

So red and white on one side, and wood and industrial feeling on the other side.

We didn’t get to try the spa concept, but there is of course big focus here. A relaxing slow cruise needs a good spa.

But the main thing about the cruise is to sit and watch the archipelago. The whole boat is basically made of windows looking out.

Everywhere you look, there is a small island passing by.

You don’t really see it in this picture but almost all easy chairs are facing outwards instead of looking at the crowd in the area. Soothing and relaxing.

Restaurant with a view…

The only downside to this premium slow cruise are the cabins. The public areas are friendly and updated. Not so much in the cabins. They look the same as they have done for the last 20 or 30 years. But of course, going on a cruise like this – you are supposed to sit in the public spaces with a warm cup of tea and look at the winter landscape or a glass of wine during summer.

I give this a strong 3 or 4 out of 5 points. Now I need to try it to see if you actually get to slow down your pace. If they manage that, then this a new and strong concept. So, I will be back.


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