Lisbon – tiles and streets

Lisbon. There are so many cool things to look at and photograph. My previous post was focused on a trend report. But of course I have to include beautiful facades and streets. So here we go.

Tiles, tiles, tiles. Lisbon is a colourful and unique city with all these old buildings with patterns and colours. Tiles or “azulejos” are everywhere. If you visit – don’t forget to visit the museum of azulejos. A good place for lunch too.

This time I decided to avoid just randomly photograph tiles. I wanted to find a theme.

My theme for this year is….

… figurative tiles. I mean, tiles with a clear symbol. Not just shapes. So here we have cinnamun rolls…


Some kind of birds.

I see kale…

There are flowers in the center – can you see it?

Looks like pineapple but the yellow things are actually pine cones.



Fall leaves

Don’t know what it is but I love it. Amoebas?

Next time I will choose a simpler theme. Like a colour. Perhaps pink??

But Lisbon is not only about looking up. Also look down. The streets are filled with amazing patterns. It’s like walking on a carpet or something.


That’s it from Lisbon. Will be back in June.

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Maria Sterner
1 year ago

Tack för alla tips I det här inlägget och det förra!
På onsdag reser jag till Portugal, inte till Lissabon den här gången, utan till Lagos och mitt townhouse. Älskar Portugal!