Copenhagen with Eilersen

I went to Copenhagen to have a day in the sun and just look at the Eilersen showroom. Here is my day there.

Danish upholstery brand Eilersen went from coaches (as in their logo) to couches. Today they are huge on the Scandinavian market and basically only focusing on private consumers. Not for public space.

Still in the family for four generations. Today with one of the sons Niels Juul Eilersen. Niels introduced us to the facilities of the new showroom, smack in the center of Copenhagen. The space used to be an old bank palace and when they looked at the facilities for the first time everything as worn down. The ceiling was lowered and scrappy carpets on the floor.

Beatiful tile windows were half hidden. And now in full bloom. The white sofa is designed by Niels father (82 years old and his name is Jens Juul Eilersen) and is super symmetrical.

When talking to Eilersen about sofa trends – expect everything to be longer. The corner sofa is going out. Loooooooong sofas.

My friend Pierre Sindre also made an easy chair for Eilersen. The project was to make the smallest big easy chair possible. Small but with a big, comfy feeling.

Also new was the easy chair with a retro feel by Kristian Sofus Hansen.

After tour of the showroom – lunch.

I love walking around in Copenhagen. Not so much this time, but I got up early and walked for about an hour. Beautiful sunrise.


After lunch we got a bike tour of the city. My colleagues and friends Lisa-Marie Mannfolk (from Rum) and Karin Ohlson Leijon (from Hus & Hem).

Next stop was Danish Architecture Center. They had an amazing exhibition about architecture on the moon. It all started with two guys at Saga Space Architects. They wanted to build a habitat that could work on the moon. The egg shaped building is 4 sqm and basically comes as a flat package on a spaceship.

And they researched how two people could live in a situation like this. Extremely interesting. Perhaps this is something we will all experience soon?

But, the architects did not fly to the moon to try. Instead the went 100 days to a deserted area of Greenland. Cold, dark and no contact with humanity.

Flat package.

So they researched a lot. What will one eat? Powder food. The same food for 100 days…

With 4 sqm – how will two men handle boredom and fun? Notice the deck of cards.

The top box is a sleeping room. But in general they actually kind of managed. And want to continue their research on how to live on the moon.

Something they learned is they need something to give sense of time. Like daytime or scents of seasons. That is something they will experiment more on.


And of course a day like this ends with champagne. More Copenhagen soon, I hope.

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The design of the place is especially amazing I have never visited there very much hope I will be in an area where I will jump to visit myself