Stockholm Design Week – fall 2022

Stockholm is my home town. I love it. It has a lively and great design scene. I am proud of how the thinking and aesthetics of this northern country is still important. We are only ten million people living here. So now a new design week? Here is my review.

Let’s be frank. Stockholm Design Week is about politics. The fair hasn’t happend in for ever. And it was an opportunity to refill stocks so that one could start with a fresh new thing in February 2023. Very few travelled to Stockholm for this event. And it wasn’t really an international event. All the players were Swedish, doing things for local Swedes. And, as I understand it, this is only once in a lifetime. Stockholm Design Week in fall – will never happen again. Focus is on Stockholm Furniture Fair with the events associated with this.

Stockholm Design Week was mainly for Swedes (Stockholmers), happening once (and never again).

But it attracted 70 or so participants. And that is good. And of course there was really good content among these 70 participants. However, you could really feel how everyone held back. Possibly the best activity among these 70 players was the exhibition the organisers did themselves. It was really good. But very few others tried the extra mile.

Do I sound bitter? It is not my intention. I saw some really nice new projects. But this is an event. Not a new design week to lean on. But good. And very local.

I look forward to February. When Cologne fair IMM moved their dates to June, Stockholm could be the most important design week for those launching early in the year.

70 projects or launches during this week. It was a bit to scattered and little to talk about any possible trends. Someone said they saw more chairs than usual, but the things that stuck to me were lamps, new materials and colours. No new real “news”. One things that impressed me was Projektrum Augsburg. In an old grocery store at Vasagatan Andreas Nobel and his peers filled this space with all kinds of wood. And especially focusing on Thomas Tempte and his wood veneer.

Alexander Lervik had Johanson Design start a new lighting brand. Paper lamps above are not necessarily in colour but in general company Noon gives you an opportunity to play around with colours on wires, cups, etc, etc.

Yes, colours are important today. Classical chair Lilla Åland from Stolab here interpreted with colour psychology by talented Sara Garanty. What chair makes you relax and what gives you best energy?

At NK Department store new gallery Cream showed some of their latest gatherings. I especially liked the wig lamps by fashion designer Annsofie Back and Mattias Dymling. Their new brand is called Gnilmyd Kcab.

More colours. Swedish Hem launched a new collection by Kwangho Lee (green sofa table). Also new extensions to the collectibles at Hem. Smiley face vase by Gustav Winsth.

Colours again. Duo Folkform made a collaboration with carpet brand Dahl Agenturer. Folkform always walk the extra mile to work with materials in different ways – and if i understood this correctly – they basically used leftover backsides of hemp. Then upcycled with blue yarn. Reuse and sustainable.

Norwegian or Scandi-brand Flokk also played with colours. The new chair was made in a process where three design studios got together and work together. Very trendy. We also saw that at 3 Days of Design. More designers, more, more, more…

Not necesarily colours, but patterns on pattern. Amazing store and producer Svenskt Tenn asked one of Europe’s most interesting designer India Mahdavi to design a new tray and vase in pewter. The installation was… colourful… But we have seen this before. Same patterns on upholstry as on walls as on lamps as on cabinets. It has been done. Also – the products. Meh… It’s ok but nothing to write home about.

If we slowly leave the colours in Stockholm. Last picture is from NK department store’s new scholarship. Awarded to design student Julie Amira. Nice. I liked it.

Stockholm Furniture Fair had organised an exhibition at NK department store. Super nice. All the Nordic countries wer represented and some nice new things. Curvy lounge chair by Ekbacken is 3D printed with waste plastics. Second chair is made by super tasteful Christian Halleröd for Finnish Made by Choice.

Moving to more chairs and classic Scandi look. At the Finnish ambassador’s residence mentioned brand Made by Choice launched this. Danish Aspekt was asked to do a chair for the Finnish Socialdemocrat party. It feels kind, durable and steady. Something Sanna Marin would like. Super Scandi and nice.

Podium or small table by Matti Klenell for Design House Stockholm

Dusty Deco with hospitality looking chairs.

Finally, Swedes at Massproductions continue to play with design. They continue to prove that they are one of the most interesting brands in Sweden to keep an eye on. This launch was with smaller objects like vases, mirrors and wine racks. And that is totally fine. This “design week” is not serious and proper. It is more about getting an opportunity for locals to meet and get a drink.

I really look forward to the proper design week in February. This week gets a 6 out of 10. Super small, super local but also pretty nice. With 70 activities there are always good things to look for.


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