Maison & Objet – the trends

Maison & Objet was a great fair. Lots of new brands and great energy. In this segment we will look more into the actual trends. Officially the fair holds content for Spring 2023 but some things are already on the market. Here we go.

As an introduction, we can conclude that pastels are out. It is either bright colours or black, beige or white. But no pastels. A bit of yellow from last year, but objects with yellow then feel “last years hit”.

We see less plain wood. More painted surfaces.

And this curved 50s or 60s sofa was everywhere. So much that you already got tired of it at the fair. I am sure we have seen this enough now. In with newer stuff.

So here are my trends and with headlines.


In general colours are getting more intense. Pastels are out and instead focus on deeper colours. Blue gets close to Klein Blue or a bright blue. In Swedish we call this “ultramarin”.

3D printed with recycled plastics by Warren&Laetitia.

In the city Vitra made a Prouve installation at Conran Shop.

Blue candle holder by Formafantasma for Maison Matisse

Blue tumbler by Månses design.

Different kinds of blue at Serax

And this combination of a light blue with a bright blue is something growing stronger. Here at And Klevering.

Here at Polspotten.

And of course plenty of blue at Broste.

The trend installation by the fair shows two kinds of blue – but also with red. And yes. We totally see a kind of cold, chili red.

Lamp by Visser&Meijward

Stool at Broste

Red furniture at La Manufacture.

And it is time to move to green. Today the most common green is the same palette as with the red and blue, but I think we will see a brighter and more yellow green as a trend for coming years. Here at Maison Matisse.

This blueish green is the most common today.

More from Maison Matisse

Here at Maison Dada

Here at the same designer who did the red lamp. Visser&Meijward.

But we will be going for a more yellow green. I think the right and best definition would be “kelly green”

You see it mainly in settings and not in products yet.


Here at Valerie Objects.

Here at Polspotten.


The hottest material at Maison & Objet was absolutely glass. Small sidetables everywhere. Here French designer Bina Baitel.

Laura Gonzalez

Two pictures from Deco Dome.

The most innovative glass was the one with a shimmering effect. Like here at Jonathan Adler.

Or just vases at Polspotten.


We need to talk about curves. Every now and then, a shape gets popular. The other year, everyone was talking about tubular design. Now we see curves. To me, it is a kind of nostalgic 70s design. Here at Pulpo Products.

Here at And Klevering

Lots of vintage looking mirrors with these shapes.

Jonathan Adler


Final trend. Poooooh… There were a lot of things to talk about. But we are now down to the final thing I want to report about. Vintage. When I was at Maison & Objet last time in March I talked about Retro. Look here. And it is really, really common in furniture design. Both new design but mainly in the way how brands start relaunching old classics.

And now we see it more in interior design too.

Vintage is growing as a segment. Everyone wants to go vintage hunting. There are plenty of statistics looking at that. Kids are tired of buying new. They want to buy old.

For stores and retail, it has been quite difficult to handle vintage. What if someone wants to buy 5 vases and not only one? Or what about quality?

So, logically now brands are producing new things that look old. Just as with furniture design. It is logical.

One of the brands who do it best is Italian Bitossi. This is new. But look vintage.

Gien is going the same direction with their tableware.

And at the fair you could find “vintage brokers”. People who scout the country side of Italy and buy everything – and then sell it at Maison & Objet.

But in general – the whole aesthetic of vintage finds. Here at Rice.

But not only small objects. Also lamps. Here me doing an interview ith Danish Ebb & Flow who build their whole collection of vintage looking lamps. Video interview to be published soon.


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