Domotex – carpet trends 2023

Domotex is the largest flooring and carpet fair in Europe. Here you find classical oriental carpets as well as contemporary, trendy and new innovations for parquets and flooring. I have been here three or four times and here are some of the trends in carpets.

Domotex has 730 exhibitors and plenty of visitors. As with most fairs now in 2023, not all halls were opened but there were lots of energy and business. I would absolutely say this was a successful fair. Seminars, talks, installations… I talked to some of my Scandinavian or Nordic visitors and people were definately here to make business. I would give this fair a high grade. Eight out of ten?? I will absolutely come back.

Trends in carpets? Of course. It changes over times. At one time we took them all out, because we thought they gave us asthma and allergies. Before that we added them because of heat isolation and perhaps we will get more carpets because of energy prices.

Regardless, it changes. Of course also when it comes to colours and looks. Recently they all got all beige and that might change now. One thing that stood out was that the long haired and tufted carpets are going out of style. Instead we will see clearer weaving. Why? Because of instagram… Tufted carpets don’t do well on pictures. Weaving is better for social media. Strange – but true.

At the trend installation Mood Spaces where Holly Becker curated five areas with different designers you could still see how carpets are sort off being a canvas. Carpets are for creativity and should be on walls more than floor. Top picture and below picture are from her area.

Introduction to carpet trends

As an introduction to where we are on carpet trends, I would absolutely say that we see much more weaving than before.

It can still be monochrome but with intricate and tactile surfaces.

Not necessarily symmetrical patterns. More focus on various weaving techniques.

Previously we saw a lot of carpets with artsy and uneven edges. More or less like art work. And yes, this is still here – but not as much as previously.

Another year we also saw a lot of fringes. Less so this year.


Where to start? Maybe with neon colours? In general, in our trend world, we will see more of these bright colours so why not also on carpets?

I would say that the neon pink really stands out.

But also this neon yellow

It can of course be in details and not too dominant.

Or blue.


Colours are everywhere. Even in wood floors. Loved these parquets with colours in the grain.

However – despite all colours – most common version is this cinnamon or fudge brown.


Continuing looking at carpets. There is a huge trend where one can see these “building blocks”. It is almost a tetris pattern. Symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. Graphical. Stacked on eachother. Are they letters and trying to say something? Could be a bit tufted but mainly in weaving. Two-coloured or even with a few more colours.

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