Handarbetets vänner – design graduates

Spring in Stockholm means a new generation of designers graduates are ready for the market. Second review of this generation is Handarbetets Vänner.

When it comes to trends – everyone talks about craft and especially textiles. And especially weaving. Just look at the Loewe installation in Milan a few weeks ago. Crafted weaving for upcycled chairs. Weaving, weaving, weaving. So if weaving is hot – will the class of 2023 be our next “it designers”.

Handarbetets Vänner and their school are the masters of this craft. They are educating the new craft stars. Only a handful of students are let in every year, so this is an exclusive group of eleven.

My answer to the question above is – I think so. I do like when craft becomes larger, bigger and more important. I noticed that students previously years have been focusing a lot on fashion and dresses. Now the most interesting ones are talking about the room. And we definately need more textile craft in architecture.

As a brief introduction, I notice that the students deliver diversity. From arts to architecture to rave culture. And I like this. I obviously like the projects that think outside the box.

Sophia Wallgren made these rope installations for interior architecture. A reaction to the pandemic?? Regardless, very beautiful for interior projects.

Malin Parkegren calls this “textile wallpaper” and is a crossover between art and craft.

Kajsa Lindohf made a tapestry with flourescent lights. The whole concept came to live when the neon lights hit the piece. Textile craft for the rave culture. I loved both the innovative way of using colours and the way that this is top notch craft aimed for a nightclub.

On a more classical note. Rebecka Lundborg used various weaving techniques and made it into art. Individual dying and craft. Fine detailing.

EvaLis Fredriksson pressed fresh leaves into the weaving to make dying and patterns. Very poetic.

Classical embroidery from Sara Haglund. More art than design. More classical than innovative.

Strange and fun. Not sure where to place this. But I like a challange. From Emilia Jung Sahlström.

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[…] The school is very much focused on educating skilled and wonderful craftspeople, and so this year. To give it some sort of reference I look back at what I saw at the school last year. My report from 2023 is here. […]