Domotex 2024

Second fair of the year was Domotex. The event takes place in Hannover and is all about carpets and flooring. The fair attracted around 1 000 exhibitors. I noted new colours and trends in flooring but was really amazed how people used the word “loyalty” as a nice thing for the fair.

Lets start with the word “loyalty”. I have been to the fair many times and it is always warm and nice. Obviously wooden flooring needs a lot of technical innovation, and I am not necessarily the guy to talk about that. This year it looked like brands were talking a lot about water and wooden floor. If you spill water – the floor can handle it.

Domotex is really friendly. Very often brands are family businesses. I said it already. A common question for all fairs is that people love to point out “why isn’t brand X here?”, and as I said yesterday – we should stop obsessing about brands choosing different routes.

Talking to exhibitors I noticed that people proudly said they participated out of loyalty. I think that is a nice quality and says something about the fair. You stay loyal to Domotex.

Of course Domotex is hit by competition. Yesterday, I commented that Heimtextil is now opening a carpet section (not wood flooring) and there were talks about how the Turks now want to have fair in their own region. Etc, etc.

Networking. Yes, Domotex is a great place for networking. Here me and Dutch super blogger Desiree from Vosges Paris. At the fair I meet some of the biggest names in the industry. Like Igor who is behind his own platform and Urban Bloggers (yes, over 1 million followers). Alexander Paar and Niki Brantmark from My Scandinavian Home. And of course Agata from Passionshake.

None of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for local hero (American Hannover girl) – Holly Becker from Decor8. I will talk more about her 200 sqm Mood Spaces further down.

But I met people working with sustainability, craft, UN, design students, designers, big brands like Swiss Kronos and my Swedes at for instance Bjellin. Of course everyone wants a brand like Tarkett to be here – but let’s focus on the ones who are here.

My role here is quite nice and unique. I get to do the opening keynote, talk to German TV (RTL) and do seminars. Of course I love it here.

Trends – introduction

So, lets start talking about trends. As mentioned the wood floor haven’t changed much. I have some insights but the overall impression is that not a lot happens on wood flooring.

I found it interesting that Swiss Kronos is launching a sub brand that should be accessible and easy. If you change wallpaper – why not floor?

And of course you look at these gorgeous cork tiles. Looks very colourful. But they are wall panels and not floor… And this gives us a reason to talk about colour of the year – chartreuse.

Yes, yesterday I mentioned how the textile industry is getting into this greenyellow hue. Also here.

But more in prints and patterns than in clear, plain colour.

Trend 1 – fluid patterns

Yes, carpets and rugs get fluid patterns. I would say it is more watercolour than marble.

Trend 2 – large flowers

Nothing petite or realistic in size. The bigger the better. Everyone in the room should see that it is a flower.

Trend 3 – retro

From Holly Becker’s Mood Spaces. Shaggy rugs or long-pile rug are huge. It is of course part of the vintage and nostalgic trend I come back to. But these longhaired rugs are huge.

Here as a pillow.

These tufted arrows are also super fun. In general I would say that this category is more about carpets with high energy and fun. More flirty than beige…


At two places I saw these cartoon tigers. Very fun. Love that.

When it comes to wood flooring, you could also sense a bit of retro. Like in these patterns. Kind of like a 50s pattern but made into floor.

Almost like a carpet like this.

Trend 4 – black

To my surprise I actually saw a lot of black carpets and wood floor. I say surprising because every piece of dust will be visiable. But I actually also saw a lot of black furniture at Stockholm Furniture Fair. We will come back to that at the end of this week. First our black carpets.

Also at Holly’s Mood Spaces.

On harder floor too. Here cork that is dark grey.


And last. I saw these black smudges on a few floor too. No, the wood is not black, but blackness is added. Also the concept of “pre dirty floor” is actually kind of fun.

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2 months ago

same here, as earlier for Heimtex, great work, great report! Fun to read as well!Thanks!