Malmstens – Graduation 2024

Fourth design school in Stockholm. Malmstens School of Design is focusing on craft and wood. Is this my favourite???

Malmstens School of Design brings a mix of design, carpentry and creativity. The school always give the students a curious perspective on wood. Here I have met Julia Gamborg Nielsen who worked in fresh wood (not dried, like it normally is) and perhaps Sweden’s most prominent chair designer David Ericsson.

I would say that the class of 24 is just as diverse and strange as I want it to be. Full score. It doesn’t have to fit my taste by there are exciting food for thought.

Like this. Älva Montell made a concept where one should make a table set like this. It is very DIY and absolutely related to the things Enzo Mari did.

I would of course be critical to this and say that the concept and idea is already out there, but the teacher Andreas Nobel said that this had a stronger social aspect. It’s not about one person making a DIY chair. The whole community should. And with this explanation it gets a more unique and new angle.

But this is normally what I expect from Malmsten’s. It is such a beautiful side tabel. It’s like a punch in the face. Here Richard Poland use waste wood and make this. Get the f*ck out of here. He made waste wood look like textile. God damn, that is nice.

And this. This is so big, and such a great project. Pehr Åke Granberg made a flat pack house. Think Donald Duck or something. Everything can be made flat and be moved. Innovative and fun.

And this. Yes, it looks a bit like an ordinary old-style kitchen sofa but it is made with intuition. Fanny Hestner didn’t want to draw everything perfectly beforehand but rather just work with intuition. Is it more beautiful? Not necessarily but the process gives it a reason to exist.

Last of the “strange” projects. What do you feel when looking at these chairs? I am more and more getting into what I want to call “emotional design”. My word. There is no such thing yet. But the short story is that we need a new language to talk about design. Can we have a closer emotional connection to the things? I wrote a bit about it after Milan here.

What Jakob Hallström made is a collection of three chairs. He is not documenting the answers (he should) but he is asking what I feel when I look at these chairs.

He has been working with set design and these three chairs deliberatley have three different kind of settings. The first is a commercial nice tv show, the second is a docu soap and the third is a documentary. The whole project is about what we feel. Is the middle chair loud and demanding attention?

I am sure we will talk much more about our emotional connection to things in the future.

Other things that were nice. This corner console got attention. By Joel Bauer.

This cabinet where we keep waste before going to the sorting bin. By Moa Bendes.

A nice cabinet or pollar by Wilma Friberg.


Ambitious project by Ellen Corp with wallpaper, carpets and furniture.

And this is a wood school. So of course you see a lot of beautiful veneer work.

And this also blew my mind. Maybe not super innovative – but super beautiful. A mobile outdoor toilet. In Swedish “dass”. By Richard Sviberg, Stina vin Hejne and Natalia Kita.

In conclusion. Malmstens School of Design and the class of 24. It blew my mind in so many levels. The future looks bright. I am happy.


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