Maison & Objet – part three

Finally we are on part three of the trendreport from Maison & Objet in Paris. I would say very few things caught my attention as being new, or had changed from previous years. But I do have sort of a seed to a new trend. Perhaps this will grow and become the alternative to proper interior in grey and beige.

Just a few years back I talked about a trend I linked to Picasso. It was all Mediterranean, 50s nostalgia, craft and Picasso outlines. I would say this is all related to this, but draws more to America. It has a nostalgia about it, naivity, a reference to times when things were easier and men were men and women were women. I am not saying progress is bad, I just interpret the signs of our times.

So, Elvis could represent this. And specifically images from a film like Blue Hawaii.

And all of a sudden I get to see all these images and photos from the 60s. Blue Hawaii came out 1961.

But you also see references to other 60s movie nostalgia. Like Steve McQueen. The movie Bullitt came out 1968. It is very much about movies from the 60s.

Pool party from the 60s.

You get the idea. Our homes will be filled with nostalgic photos from that era.

But it could also be how we communicate. This is from a stand at the fair. Pools, sun, and women were women.

Before I go into detail, I want to share an image from New York in May. I was there and noted how we slowly start to change for a new colour palette.

The colours in Paris.

It gets that 60s minty green. And combined with darker colours.

And of course lots of yellow. Not the mustardy kind we see rightnow but a more childish version.

And you can look at details like how the lifesize porcelaine animals are back. Very retro.

Vitra launched a new figure by Alexander Girard and it fits the theme. Maybe more Picasso than Elvis…

And finally. I do belive we will see the etno nostalgia as we did also in the 60s. Remember the profile ceramic heads we had of black women? Yes, I think these will come back.

So this is a colourful trend. Very nostalgic. More Americana than the Mediterranean. Minty blue or green with darker colours. Combine with yellow or why not bright red. This is all about a time when things “were easier” and men were men etc. Again – I am not saying this is something we should endorse, but this is the whole feeling I get from watching this.

And why not call this trend “Evolving Elvis”? Good name, huh?





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