Maison & Objet 2018 – part two

We continue our report from Paris and Maison & Objet. This post is mainly about the lack of colour, or as we also call it “nude” or perhaps Scandinavianism.

The beige hues have been around for a while and it is stronger than ever. Beige, eggwhite to earthier and slightly darker tones. In this report we will also talk about related earthy colours red and orange – and glass tables.

Scandinavianism with a relaxed interior, close to nature and colours from the back yard. Here an installation by interior design magazine Milk.

The love for nature is something associated with Scandinavia and the Nordic region. Here Danish Ro have made dried flower installations. Something we saw in many places.

More from Ro.

Another stand

There is a love for light, shadows and tactility in this trend.

Used and vintage

Ceramics and tactile

When it comes to colours it is all beige and white. And sometimes earthy. This from the exhibition on town by AD Interieurs.

And every piece of upholstry is white or eggwhite. Everyone. EVERYONE.


Lamps are white and almost like sculptures. Delicate.

And sculptures in our interiours. Here Kristina Dam.

I also liked the wall-things by her.

Selected, crafted and of course a flirt with Japan. Here new cutlery by Nendo for Valerie Objects.

But very soft colours. Pure.

The grey tableware.

And if something is “out” it is sofas in washed linnen. Might have been the it item for 2016 but almost noone is working with this anymore. So, say no to washed linnen.

We talked about velvet yesterday and yes, you will find velvet here too.

Sculptural objects. Look at the head on the drawer.

A close up

Are these rooms actually for comfort or for showing off?

Should we talk about the drapes? There were soooooo many curtains and drapes in Paris. Here a nice installation with flourescent lights at the top. And 90% of all Scandinavian brands at the fair had some kind of draping effect.


So the white, eggwhite and beige is dominant, but we do see some more earthy coloures and hues too.


Now – pay attention. We are shifting focus. Yes, it is the same eggwhite and beige as we talk about above. But notice the constant presence of red. Whatever you do 2019 – make sure you have something red. Like these bowls at Vitra.

Or with the feathers at these flamingos at Chhatwal & Jonsson

It can be a beige room – but with a red sofa.

Or a wallpaper with large leaves (as in the previous post)

So whatever you do – make sure you have a red detail

Another topic. Speaking of lack of colour. I saw a lot of glass tables. Everywhere.Very 70s.

And with this glass table we swiftly move over to our last topic – the colour orange.

A colour I think has a “newness” to it is orange. Almost like a 70s colour. Very different.


So, that wraps it up for this post. Yesterday we talked about green, leaves and purple. Today we talked about nude/Scandinavianism, white uphostry, the constant presence of red, glass tables and orange. Tomorrow we till talk Elvis and Blue Hawaii.

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5 years ago

You’ve got some great pointers. My guess is that feathers will surface more next year than expected and just like you I would like to see less leaves everywhere.